How can you be a Good Investor?

People like you who want to achieve success by reaching their financial purposes like paying for your academy, owning a house, or is it your retirement plan you want.

The question comes to your mind: What single out the most profitable investors from the rest? If we talk about this it’s a pure practical game, and in that, a standard investor uses his money and invests the rest of his income, whereas a good investor invests his existing money and uses the rest.

Here we want to show you some directions that will take you to the path of being a “Good Investor”.

Don’t try to be an expert, be ” Habitual” about it.

How much are you earning? It doesn’t matter anymore, the most important thing is that you’ve started earning, and if you’re earning then you should make sure that whatever your earnings are, you should save a safe amount of money. 

When we think about savings, we think about how much money we should save? Let’s just give it several 15 to 30% of your income you should , and do you want to save that much or not it’s just up to you and up to your expenses. But one thing you should keep in mind is that if your savings are in higher numbers the better you can invest and grow. In India, finance is kind of a subject that people used to talk less about with each other and when it comes to investing, the topic becomes more intimidating for us, but just keep in mind that we are experiencing these things and we’re not professionals.

3 things that you should be confident about.

– I will make a serious and effective habit to save and invest. I will deal with it very patiently when it comes to financial things.

– Where and How much I am investing my money, I know that it will grow.

– Now, You are having a clear and crisp vision about investing that you’ve discussed with your colleagues, friends, or financial experts.

What can you do with your money?

Although it is your money, your expenses and it is your choice where you can invest, well let us show you the best options where you can try to invest.

Low risk will give you low returns. If you want to play very safe and stay low in investing then investments like Public provident funds (PPF), Fixed deposits, and RBI Bonds will be good for you.

Middle-class people’s valuable investments in mutual funds and systematic investment plans (SIP). However investing in mutual funds holds a little bit of risk, where we all know that it is the best way to provide better returns than most fixed-return investments.

Higher risks meant for ‘Billionaire Minds’ capitalizing in some start-up investments, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and real estate can give you a huge amount of money but, you have a high risk to lose everything.

How to “divide” your money?

So while you’re young, you should try to play more high-risk, high-reward-paying games that will give you higher returns.

But it’s completely up to you whether you want to invest there or not, you should keep one thing in mind that you can only be able to take big financial risks before you get married and settle down.

Try to save more amount of money from your salary and while investing in high-risk investments, start to continue investing in low-risk options and that will ensure you’ll get low returns throughout your life.

Physical assets matters forever.

Money which you’re getting it isn’t real, your savings account is not real, why? Because it is not in your hands, it’s just an illusion that you’re having money but that illusion can buy you a Real thing and that is called “Physical assets”

Nothing will remain with you throughout your life but if you’ve somewhere invested in gold and silver it will stay with you throughout your life. 

You never know what will happen in the future, so it will be your physical assets that you will need.

So from early on, make sure that a fraction of your savings should be invested in gold and silver. 

Being social will make you grow.

We live in India and we are very lucky to have so many diverse communities, various character qualities, so identify those communities admire them, and learn that how they are good with their wealth.

Keeping good behavior with the communities like Gujaratis, baniyaas, marwadis, Sindhis, Parsis will make you realize and learn how to play with your money. For money,

 advice asks elders from these communities and more than that, creates a sweet bond between you and these communities.

Try to be with the young and successful people, because if you create good contact with them and if you ask them right and questions, they’ll share their knowledge with you. And it  is an advantage to know about tried and tested techniques in investing.

Conclusive suggestions.

The savings account will not accumulate for your bright future, keep in mind. It is nice that you need to make your money safe and it is good to have ‘liquid cash’ because it will help you to deal with quick expenses but, this is not the proper way to multiply your money and it will not achieve your financial goals which you except in your life.

For now, use your parent’s network, and your network to learn more about finance, and try to receive good advice from the people who’ve done it before you.

For the future, how to figure out all this by knowing the downside that you need a huge amount of money to be working with the reputed finance professionals out there.

Start listening to the financial podcasts and that will be your greatest weapon, If you wish to multiply your money, invest your energy in the correct learning sources. Reading Books are great but Podcasts are fast and great.