Everything is, in some way important in life. The trees that we usually pass by without giving much thought are an example. In our day-to-day life, we come across several trees. Some are long, some short, some may be bent. Some may have dried leaves or some may be home to different species of birds. Their importance is not realized and not much attention is given to them.

But they too are absolutely helpful when it comes to our survival. Sadly, a lot of trees have been struck down in the recent past for the construction of buildings and other developments.

Let us look at the importance and impact of trees in our life and realize how losing them may affect us.

  1. Greenery-  They provide a green environment for us. Many trees also have beautiful flowers growing on them, that form a serene environment around the place they are planted. Since many people use flowers to offer to Gods or use them during decorations, trees act as a helping hand.
  2. Home to birds- Many species of birds exist. Small and medium to large birds alike use trees as a shelter. It is home to many small, usually-not-noticed families!
  3. Balance in the ecosystem –   A balance in the ecosystem is maintained by the presence of trees. Since the world is technology-driven, pollution and diseases related to it are a common sight. Trees absorb the pollution and noxious gases emitted by vehicles and help us out from those diseases.
  4. Oxygen provider-   It is a well-known fact that trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is a basis of survival for most of the creatures residing on earth.
  5. Important insects and microorganisms – Insects and microorganisms can be really important. Studies have shown that bacteria present on trees can act as fertilizers for them and increase their longevity of life.
  6. Prevention of soil erosion-  Soil erosions can prove to be disastrous. Trees help to prevent it because the roots are deep and hold the soil together. Also, the soil is important for the survival of many microorganisms that live deep in it, and hence trees are also helpful for them and in turn a better ecosystem.
  7. Food for animals and humans alike-  In big forests such as the Sunderbans or the Amazons, a lot of herbivores live. They feed on the leaves of these trees and this ensures their survival. What magical position trees hold not just in human habitations, but also deep woods!
  8. Medicinal and Herbal Purposes – Medicinal uses of trees are in continuance since time immemorial. A lot of trees, for example, the neem tree provide multiple benefits for the human body. They are either used directly or used in cosmetics and medicines.
  9. Ah, those juicy fruits!- Remember throwing stones at trees, waiting for the mango to fall so that we could have a taste of it? The fact that trees provide us with many fruits, juicy and tasty needs no elucidation as every one of us must have enjoyed the delicious taste at least once in our life.

In a nutshell, trees are important and they need to be preserved if we want to continue living a healthy and hearty lifestyle.

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