Online Classes is Mental Exhaustion for the Students Rather than Knowledge

In this pandemic who is not familiar with the word online classes which really helped in balancing the education system properly. Corona Virus is a real outbreak and had devastated almost every field but the only ground which remains unshakable was our education system and the credit goes to our expertise technology which helped us in coping up. Online classes are course conducted with the help of teach management system through which students can gets all the details of their studies. With the arrival of such hazardous virus made us all familiar with Zoom Meetings, Microsoft, and Google Meet, etc. arrival of online classes have enhanced our creativity level as well as made us all very much used to with our gadgets. These classes are very much self-paced and provide a great flexibility to the students in the journey of learning the courses. But as we all know every coin has two sides same goes in the case of these online classes too. If it has numerous positive aspects it too has many negative points which could be very dangerous for the students.

The students become very exhausted due to excessive use of mobile phones and laptops. Taking classes from bedroom or drawing hall sounds very cool but reality is something different students become extremely fatigue and exhausted from watching the screens consecutively. On 2020 it was officially announced that students will continue their studies via online mode but who thought that attending lectures are so boring. People think that latest mode of online teaching is very fashionable but then again the knowledge a person acquire is almost null. Staring the screen for long and long hours in a day seems very lethargic plus watching prerecorded lectures didn’t enhanced the knowledge of the students rather than produce the feeling of exhaustion in the mind of the students and as a result degrees and marks are more but knowledge is very less in this contemporary world. These additional assignments have increased burden and stress among the students very much. Online mode of teaching needs a lot of self-discipline but with the course of time decorum of the classes as well as motivation among the students are gradually decreasing. Classroom gives an environment which helps in effective learning but due to lack of proper environment students are struggling to achieve their goals. Arrival of corona virus has already affected our physical system and these online burdens have added an addition weight and increased physical problems like eye strain, excessive headache, fatigue, lack of interest and so on. Thus, the students are less interested in studies and more in passing the time. Another problem is network issue during these classes. Everyone has faced this network issue while attending the online classes and due to this problem students are less concentrated in studying and more in settling the network issues. Summing up that these online classes have balanced the education system a lot but in addition it has failed to provide as much as knowledge offline classes provide.

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