Passengers(2016): Explained

Imagine a world where science has perfected long distance space travel, passengers are transported in hibernation pods. The passengers are being transported to a colony on a planet 60 light years away from the earth. Everyone is put into stasis to be able to complete the 120 year journey, 5000 colonists and 258 crew members are being transported this way. The ship is supposed to be self sufficient and can repair itself if required. The members are supposed to be woken up a short while before they reach the colony, but what if one person wakes up 90 years before he was supposed to.

The movie starts when one passenger wakes up 90 years early due to a malfunction, Jim Preston is a mechanical engineer that left his life in hopes of finding a better one at the colony. Initially Jim is happy about being the only one awake, he enjoys the ships facilities and tries to repair his own pod. A year later he grows weary of the isolation, an android bar tender Arthur being the only company. Jim contemplates suicide when he notices a beautiful young woman Aurora Lane in a pod, he is immediately smitten with her and contemplates waking her up.

After struggling with the morality of waking Aurora up prematurely, he does it anyway. She initially tries to go back in the hibernation pod, but after failing she decides to write a book documenting her journey. Jim makes her believe that her pod opened because of a malfunction, Aurora being a higher tier passenger has access to better facilities. They develop a close bond and eventually fall in love with each other. Arthur inadvertently reveals that Jim was the one who sabotaged Aurora’s pod to deal with his own loneliness, this angers Aurora who resigned to her new life begins avoiding Jim.

Some time later, multiple failures occur on the ship. One such failure wakes up Gus Mancuso, the ships chief deck officer. He uses his access to detect multiple failures in the ship which could lead to even worse failures and the deaths of all the passengers. Gus attempts to repair the ship with Jim and Aurora’s help but they face a major setback when Gus falls critically ill. Gus is diagnosed by the ships automatic doctor Autodoc to be dying, he suffers this fate due the condition of his pods malfunction. Before dying Gus gives Jim and Aurora his ID allowing them access to crew only areas to try and repair the ship.

Jim and aurora discover multiple hull breaches caused by the asteroid collision that woke Jim up. All the problems stem from the computer module administering the fusion reactor being critically damaged. The duo replaces the module but Jim is forced to space walk to manually open a vent. A malfunction cause Jim to stay in the tube to open the hatch which would mean sacrificing himself, Jim decides to vent the tube in order to save the ship. Jim is blasted into space along with the vented gas, his tether snaps and his space suite begins losing oxygen. A distraught Aurora manages to retrieve a clinically dead Jim from space and uses the Autodoc to revive him. Jim finds out that he can use the Autodoc to put one person back into hibernation and offers Aurora the chance to reach the new planet and live out her life. Aurora refuses the offer truly understanding Jim’s motivation to wake her up, she accepts the ring Jim fashioned for him and lives out her remaining days aboard the ship.

The crew wakes up on schedule to discover a huge tree, a cabin, vegetation and birds. Aurora’s voice over describes the life she lead aboard the ship with Jim.

A truly amazing movie with a pretty different concept, a must watch for Science Fiction fans. The cast is really amazing with Chris Pratt as Jim, Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora, Michael Sheen as the android Arthur and Laurence Fishburne as Gus.

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