With the decrease in the number of the corona cases in India, we the people of India started to experience that the devastation has finally came to an end. But sadly, the moment we started to go out again, the new variant of virus had emerged – the Delta Plus Variant, which gave another shock to the people of India.

The muted variety of Delta Variant- Delta Plus Variant has spread widely across the country, Indian.


49 cases of Delta+ variant had been recorded by 12 states of India till date. Maharashtra been one of the states again got hit badly with highest number of cases.

The Delta+ variant has already broadened in 85 countries around the world and South Africa is the reason behind the spread of this infection.


Delta+ variant a.k.a AY.1, it is 60% more infectious when compared to previous version. Considerably it is more threatening for the lungs of patients who are already facing problems with their lungs.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) declared that these mutations have raised the capacity of transmission and with this the spread from one person to other has become easy. This mutation made the virus job easy to get into the cells of the patients.

The reason to be concern about the variant is that the specialist of epidemiology and communicable diseases stated that Delta+ variant is dangerous variation of corona virus till date.


The Delta+ variant shows both the symptoms of delta variant as well as beta variant. And the symptoms are:

Headache, Chest pain, Fever, Cough, Skin rash, Shortness of breath and Diarrhoea.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned that the Delta variant of corona virus is one of the reasons to be extra caution about it. Maintain social distancing is one of the essential while going out.

And other measures to be taken are:

Going out when it is really an emergency, wearing of mask every time you out, maintain 6 feet distance in crowd, use of sanitizer is a must, wash hands every time you come back home and the last but most important get yourself vaccinate as soon as possible.


Till now there is no such way to treat the Delta Plus variant infection. Antibodies are the only way till now to treat this as per doctors. Get vaccine to ensure the safety of your as well as your family. Till now there is no such treatment found by doctors or scientist to cure this variant as of now.


With is spread of Delta+ variant across India, again have to face the uncomfortable situation where we again got to lock up ourselves in 2 walled room, facing lockdown for months again and the worst was the shortage of beds at hospitals, oxygen cylinder and lifesaving medication. If we do not want to get in this trouble again lets, follow the instructions and protocol established by the government. Let’s pledge will not show our careless behaviour and ensure the safety of ourselves and others.