A day without a phone.

We have become a society that is totally dependent on communication devices to make our world go round. The cell phone, has completely changed the way our world lives and is no longer a novelty. So, have we ever wondered “what would one day be like without our cell phone?”

The morning will start off pretty rough considering that we had to wake up to a traditional alarm clock blaring into our ears instead of melodious alarm. After that if we want to call someone we would not be able to call them.
Since I use my phone for music and playing games, I will have to stay one day without listening to songs and playing my favourite game. While I’ll be doing my important daily stuff I’ll not be able to focus on my work and will be kept on thinking what were the things I was missing on facebook & Instagram or important things my friends would send in text. I would also miss my favourite shows that I use to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT Platform.

So at the end it opened my eyes to see how dependent our society truly is on cell phones because we can’t survive without mobile phones or our life without a cell phone would be like slow and hard, boring as it allows us to do numerous stuff, source of entertainment and even make our life easier. Living without a phone is similar to living without a hand or leg. Imagine the lives of people whose phones have stopped working, need immediate service or broke!

Feels so horrifying!!!!!!isn’t it.

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