Environment conservation day

Environment conservation day , it reminds us two thing firstly that we need to put efforts into environment conservation at global level and secondly, how bad have things been in the past few decades in context to environment because definitely we can not ignore all the forest fires, land slide, floods, heat waves, tsunami, earthquakes and all the disasters that have occurred worldwide, the damage it caused and these are only the problems we can see, the ones which we can not are even more deadly, the human breed is effected by it indirectly for instance – ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion and so many other problems.

The statistics can be more scary, the biggest reason behind all this is when the human breed decided to be selfish about itself as a result, we opted for insane killing and initiated the destruction process, and now when things are slowly going out of the hand. We are thinking why all this is happening to earth?

Nature conservation, in schools we are always taught how are we dependent on earth, and the term mother earth is not a joke also the organisms and creatures that live on earth they are a part of family it is not like humans are the only one who have the right to live.
Every year a theme is decide on nature conservation day, this year it is forest and livelihoods: sustaining people and planet. The wrath of nature can be more worst in coming future, so its better that we understand that environment conservation is the need of the hour. As the theme says sustainability is the goal with conservation so that the resources can be preserved for the future generation as well. Basically we should work on improving the current situation by taking effective steps and keeping in mind the need of future generation we can save their future as well.

Environment conservation can begin from home by implementing few changes in our life and stop wasting the resources unnecessarily. Even a small size plastic bag is harmful if left unrecycled for e.g. milk packets, the sanitary pads that we use every month is a form of plastic so it is better to use recyclable or reusable pads. Similarly, there are many such small changes that can be implemented and can bring the much-needed change in the world. Spreading awareness among the people who are unaware about all this is also an effort that can be made towards environment conservation.
In COVID crisis the tons of bio medical waste were generated which again is a cause of concern. Biomedical waste can be hazardous for both human and animals.
If all the people can come together to answer and find solution or environment friendly alternatives of the ongoing problems then the aim of sustainability and environment conservation can be met. We have the vision, capacity, and ability to plan the betterment of earth. It is not possible to keep extracting and using whatever nature has given us, it will all end soon if not used carefully, it is our duty to give back to the planet as responsible residents of planet earth

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