10 Daily Items the Apple Air tag can track.


Everyone misplaces their keys from time to time. AirTags are the perfect tracking device for lost keys especially using the official keyring accessory that apple is selling in their store would be a great choice. Keyrings aren’t cheap, of course. An Apple leather key ring costs $35.

Gadget Cases

Whether you have a camera, a gaming console or a Kindle, you can insert an AirTag into any gadget’s case. If you have an Apple laptop, it’s already got Find My, so you can track that, but if the battery runs out, or if it’s shut off, an AirTag may help you find it. AirTag batteries last about a year.


You can also put an Air Tag in a backpack’s inside pocket or a loop holder.


If you travel often, you can simply place the AirTag along with your clothes in your luggage as well because lost luggage can be a real headache. However, bear in mind that you can only use 16 AirTags with a single Apple ID, so if you want to protect luggage for your entire family, plus keys, purses, etc., you may need to share the AirTags among the Apple IDs in your family.

An Umbrella

Afraid of losing your favourite Umbrella? An airtag can help you keep a track of it.


Due to its small size, an AirTag can easily fit in your wallet. AirTag may be a bit thick as the thickness is around 8mm. To have an idea of what 8mm is, it’s about the thickness of an iPhone 11 or 12.

A remote

You can tape an AirTag to a remote that you lose often, but it would be a bit clunky; remember, it’s 8mm thick. It’s a shame that the new Siri remote, for the Apple TV, doesn’t use Find My. (Meanwhile, Apple’s rival Roku just released its Voice Remote Pro which has remote-finder functionality.

Musical instrument cases

Similar to luggage and other items you carry around, if you’re a musician, it’s a great idea to stick one in your instrument case. In most cases, you’ll be able to hide the AirTag, and if it goes missing, or anyone just stole it you’ll really be grateful to be able to track it down, especially if you have a gig about to start soon.

Your child’s favourite toy

Everyone with young children knows that kids have favourite toys, often stuffed animals, and it’s easy to misplace them or leave them behind when you’re out. Slip one inside the toy, stitch it up, and you might save some tears. It will be a good option to use these tags.

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