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When it comes to space, the first name in our mind will be NASA. From kid to old age people all know about NASA, that much impact NASA have on us. All right coming to this article, in this article we are going counter the following topics – What is NASA and what they do? Creation of NASA, Some special projects of NASA, Future missions of NASA, NASA’s budget for the financial year. Here starts the article

What is NASA?

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space administration, it is an Independent US government agency, which is responsible science and technology which is related to space and aeronautics. NASA is the leading space agency in the world. Nearly, 17,000 thousand of people are working in NASA from diverse background.

Creation of NASA

On July 29, 1958 the US congress passes an legislation establishing National Aeronautics and Space administration(NASA), which is responsible for US’s space activities. It has been organized by National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics(NACA). NASA was created in the response of soviet launching Sputnik in 1957. Its headquarter is located at Washington DC.

Some special projects of NASA

  1. Project Apollo

The project Apollo is the biggest achievement for NASA, Also it is the most expensive program for the US. It costed more than $20 Billion in 1960, as of now 225 Billion. The Apollo 11 mission was on July 1969, which was the moon landing. The mission was successful and Neil Armstrong became the one first person to walk on moon, followed by Buzz Aldrin. This is a milestone for NASA.

2. Skylab

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Sky is the first space station controlled and operated by the Us government. It spent six years orbiting the earth. Three successful crew mans lived there. The astronauts in the space station conducted 270 experiments in solar astronomy, biomedical and life sciences, etc.

NASA’s Budget

NASA receives its funding from annual federal budget passed by the US congress. Till now, US spent around $650 Billion for NASA. The annual budget of NASA for the financial year 2020 is $22.6 Billion. It represents 0.48% of the $4.7 Trillion of the US. The annual budget for NASA this year is $24.1 Billion, with an increase of 6% from the previous year.

Future Missions

There are many future missions for NASA, let us see some of them.

  1. 2021 August 8 SOLAR ORBITER ESA Solar mission makes second Venus flyby.
  2. 2021 October 16 – LUCY Launch of NASA flyby mission to multiple Trojan asteroids.
  3. 2021 Late – LUNAR FLASHLIGHT – Launch of NASA CubeSat mission to find lunar water ice.
  4. 2021 Late LUNAR ICE CUBE  Launch of NASA CubeSat mission to find lunar water and volatile.
  5. 2022 January – SMART LANDER FOR INVESTIGATING MOON – Launch of JAXA lunar lander mission.
  6. 2023 August 21 – PARKER SOLAR PROBE – NASA solar mission makes sixth Venus flyby.
  7. 2024 September – MARTIAN MOON EXPLORATION – Launch of JAXA mission to return sample from Phobos.

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