Expensive Flowers in World

Once Edwin Curren said “flowers are the music of the Ground from Earth’s lips spoken without sound”. Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature. Flower give happiness to people but what about the happiness what comes from expensive flower? Yes, there are some flower which are very expensive and is a worth a fortune. These flowers are expensive due to their special growth, beauty and rareness and for many other reasons. Let’s take a look about these flowers ––

  1. Kadupul flower: It is widely known as the “Queen of night”. Its scientific name is Epiphyilum oxypetalum. The plant of the expensive flower is under the cactus species. This flower blooming time is only night. It is very short-lived flower and very rare. It is native in South Eastern Asia like Sri Lanka, China, India. This flower is priceless for its low lifetime. White kadupul is widely known but it also can be yellow, pink, white yellow etc.
White Night Queen
White Night Queen
Yellow Night Queen
Pink Night Queen

2. Juliet Rose: It is the most expensive rose species whole world. The breeder of this type of rose is David Austin. It is a very pleasant colour of apricot (mixture of light pink, orange and yellow). It first appears at Chelsea flower show in 2006 and the development time was 15 year. It cost almost $15.8 million.

Rose gardens at Old Parliament House, Canberra Sweet Juliet
Rose gardens at Old Parliament House, Canberra Sweet Juliet

3. Saffron Crocus: It is one of the expensive flowers as Saffron, an expensive and important species. Its scientific name is Crocus sativas. The red coloured saffron spice is obtained from this flower. It is a very pleasant purple coloured flower. 500 gram of saffron spices is extracted from nearly 80000 flowers. Moreover, there are some important condition for collecting supports. The cost is $1500 per pound of flower.

Saffron (The red part of this flower is the Saffron Spice)

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid: Orchid is already rare and expensive flower and this gold of Kinabalu is most expensive among them. The scientific name of this orchid is Paphiopedilum rothschildanum. This flower is also known as Rothschild’s slipper Orchid. It is a very unique type of Orchid with unique colour combination (Browne red and yellow) with unique structure. It worth almost $6000 for every piece of Orchid. It is only available in Kinabalu National Park of Malaysia and a very extinct species of Orchid.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

5. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid: It is also one of the most expensive Orchid. It is a rare man-made Orchid and was created in Shenzhen Nongke University laboratory in China. The rare Bloom of this year (once in every four to five years) made it this expensive. It was first invented in 2005. It cost almost 1.68 million.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

6. Gloriosa: It is also called flame Lily or fire Lily. It is available in Africa and India. It is a very beautiful flower with the shape of a fire flame and colour in yellow and red. The scientific name of this flower  is Gloriosa superb .It is a very poisonous plant and the most poisonous plant partis its root. It cost almost $10 per flower stem.

Flower Flame Lily or Gloriosa Lily or Glory Lily
Gloriosa Lily

7. Lily Of the Valley : Lily of the valley is one of the most expensive flower in the list .The scientific name  Convallaria majalis . It is a very unique type of white coloured & sweet scented flower .This bell shaped flower are hanging from a green stick .It only grow in the high altitude mountain area .It actual time of bloom is spring that’s mean this flower bloom March in the year .

Lily Of the Valley flower
Lily Of the Valley plant
Lily Of the Valley stick