Love yourself but don’t Hate others.

Love Yourself, is word that tells a person about loving himself. The ones who have nothing but themselves or those who don’t have a support system to lean on, It provides them confidence of being able to have themselves. But is it all that it does. The concept of love yourself has been around for quite a time but it became more evident to everyone after the campaign,’ Love Yourself.’


The campaign was launched by BTS, a South Korean Band or a K-POP band. The group has gained recognition from their Album, Wings. Prior to this they have released several albums but they were not as successful as this one. After that BTS released Love Yourself. This album also was very successful and lead the campaign for Love Yourself. The campaign is still going in and gave the band a chance to present a speech at UN.

But there are not only positive outcomes of a thing. If it had a 9 good impact then it certainly an have 1 impact that would ruin the whole thing. Many of the fans who watched and followed the campaign turned out to love them so much that they started being offended on little things.

I have seen videos where they just blur out anything to all those who do not like BTS or does not follow them. They also start telling everyone about it and its just irritating for some people.

Now you must be thinking, all of sudden but it has a reason. I saw a video titled Reply to army’s( BTS’s fandom name) parents. The video said about how the parents hate her for watching BTS and wanting to be a K pop Star. And this is not acceptable. Parents don’t like the stuff their children do all the time and they do say stuff like why you watch this and say you just have to do this all day. But that does not mean that they hate you.


These people need to understand that not everyone out there is against someone. And about BTS they’ don’t know anything except that you spend your whole time watching them so it will be problematic to them. And they will say stuff to you but it does not turns them in someone who hates you. so i would like to request all of you to stop doing it and stop making things like BTS is making you hate your parents.

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