Pollution is a major issue or concern I today’s times. Pollution is when the natural environment gets contaminated by contaminants which in turn cause great damage to the environment. Pollution comes in many different substances such as noise, heat or light. It could be natural or which is created due to human activity like trash or factories. Pollution comes with the cost. It could affect our health as a whole and it will also cost a lot to the society clean it up. In this article I am mainly going to talk about the types of pollution such as water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and plastic pollution.

• Water pollution:
Water pollution is the contamination of water and water bodies with either physical, chemical or biological properties of water due to the discharge of industrial elements or any substance like liquid, solid or gas into water. It could be dangerous for public health as consuming this contaminated water could lead to diseases and unsafe health conditions. It could also affect agriculture. It’s also possible to harm the marine life, the living organisms in water such as fishes, corals etc. The main way to prevent water pollution is if people and industries don’t throw waste and toxic discharge into the water.

• Noise pollution:
One of the most prominent types of pollution is the existence of noise pollution. It refers to the presence of excessive or loud sound or noise in the environment. It might not sound too dangerous but it could be dangerous for human and animal health. There can be many ways noise pollution can be created, some are from big vehicles, large industries or even during constructions, the constant noise can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable for many. Another reason could be due to loud speakers during festivals, concerts etc. Even listening to music at a loud volume could damage our hearing. Some ways to avoid damaging your ears would be to listen to volume at an acceptable volume and try to avoid any festival which use big, huge speakers.

• Air pollution:
Air pollution is something that happens when there is pollutant present in the atmosphere. It needs to be high in concentration to cause harm to humans, animals and plants. Anything which contaminates or harms the air or makes it dirty and not comfortable to breathe is called air pollution. Air pollution could cause great damage as it’s what we breathe every day and even if we can’t see effects immediately, it could affect us later in life. It affects every form of being, anything which breathes and needs oxygen to survive.

• Plastic pollution:
Plastic pollution mainly refers to the fact that the environment is getting contaminated by plastic and products made of plastic. Plastic products such as milk packets, plastic straws, plastic bags etc are all causes for the pollution. The only way to prevent this it is by making sure to not use plastic bags and even if you do, don’t throw it away especially into the ocean.

It is very important to preserve our earth and contamination is not the way to do it. We must make sure that the planet we live in is safe for everyone, including ourselves. As global warming is increasing, we need to look back on our actions and help overcome this setback.





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