Ever since modern man set foot on the Earth, he has been rolling out numerous inventions to make life easier. From the invention of simple wheels to farming practices, transportation, engines, electricity, phones, internet, portable computers, smartphones and what not! Today, our life has been completely surrounded by machines. Just like Rancho’s character’s dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots, “Pen ke nip se, pant ki zip tak, sab machine hai Sir”, machines are ubiquitous everywhere now and our life is indispensable without the use of these machines. From simple science and observation to rocket science, all the modern technology that we see and use today are a part of our daily lives. Science and technology have taken great strides and have helped us reach the pinnacle of novelty. The device I’ve used to write this blog, the cloud through which it has got uploaded, the site on which it is visible, the device through which you can access my blog from a thousand miles away, all of it is a boon bestowed upon us, thanks to the advancements in technology.

The industry which started with the invention of a huge machine, even bigger than today’s refrigerators and a thousand wires to plug like a jumbling maze, accelerated the modernization of our generation by almost a hundred-fold. These simple machines became more and more compact and handy with time and arduous efforts to convert into desktop systems and personal computers were largely successful. These computers became sleek and flat screened with more innovation and development and the supporting devices and processing systems also became compact. These later clubbed into a single system which could be portable and handy, presented to us in the form of a laptop. This is just one line of development of the old computer system through a few decades. Along with evolution of technology, this development has equally diversified into myriads of branches with similar advancements in those sectors too. With the invention of the internet and the various services offered by it, there began modernization in the virtual space too. Allied services have made the virtual space a totally different world with its own perks and pros. Today, as we wade through a raging pandemic and natural disasters all the world over, these technologies, internet, electronic devices and loads of efforts put into developing them have been the saviours to keep the work going smoothly and hassle-free. Along with this, machine learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence have taken technology to another level totally. From their use in simple imaging and recognition softwares to complete automation in industries with humongous production, tedious jobs have become a lot easier, and the rate of production has literally increased like a straight line of a graph. The rate of errors in simple tasks has also gone down drastically, thanks to the technology. From a simple thing like wrapping a toffee to a highly skilled task like building a complete car from its parts, technology has given a boost to the rate, accuracy and precision to everything. From robots that can do simple detection and sorting jobs to the ones which can do complex work and multitask too, there is a lot of progress happening around us and we ought to take note of it.

The revolution in the technology and development sector mentioned above is just a teeny-weeny part of the huge universe of modernization that mankind has built just with a little of resources and an unbeatable set of buzzing smart brains, and this is truly commendable. And yes, we’ve left no stone unturned – we’re even covering the actual universe! In the coming years, we shall surely witness a vast developed transformation in the world we live in, making us smarter and better in every way possible, and this transformation will be life-changing!

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