1. Advantages of having a three-day weekend instead of a two-day weekend
  2. Why everyone should visit Disney World
  3. Allow married women to enter Miss World and Miss Universe pageants.
  4. There couldn’t be enough beauty contests for children!
  5. Beauty contests degrade women.
  6. Some market toys provoke and promote violent behavior.
  7. Mac is better than PC
  8. Santiago de Chile tourists must be made aware of pickpocketers. (or another city)
  9. Love is far more powerful than hate
  10. Make free public wi-fi available
  11. Bike-sharing programs
  12. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is not nobel.
  13. The morals behind lying
  14. Silly games like Candy Crush are making people less intelligent
  15. Using hands-free devices while driving
  16. Using lie detector tests for employment purposes
  17. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  18. Money can’t buy happiness
  19. Is Batman a real superhero?
  20. Why there aren’t more female construction workers
  21. Lie detector tests are inaccurate.
  22. Organic food tastes better.
  23. Alternative power is the answer to our energy crisis.
  24. It’s immoral to genetically design babies.
  25. Every property needs to have at least one tree.
  26. Nursery rhymes need to be looked at better.
  27. Hostels are not a place for children.
  28. Plant fruit trees on sidewalks.
  29. Religion and science can go hand in hand.
  30. Everyone should know how to swim.
  31. Not wearing a seat belt a personal choice.
  32. Opposites will always attract.
  33. Climate change is always changing.
  34. Not enough is done to end world hunger.
  35. Battery farming is unethical.
  36. People shouldn’t be paying for drivers licenses.
  37. Smokers make the most acquaintances.
  38. First impressions are always right.
  39. Cash should be abandoned completely.
  40. Allow mind reading during poker.
  41. Minimum wage is too low.
  42. Security cameras are an invasion of privacy.
  43. Clients don’t want birthday messages from businesses.
  44. Allow casual dress clothes in the workplace.
  45. Make public transport free.
  46. The welfare system doesn’t work.
  47. Organ donors should be paid.
  48. All kids on a winning team should get a trophy.
  49. Illegal immigrants don’t harm the economy.
  50. Humans are vegetarian by nature.
  51. Self-driving cars will cause fewer accidents.
  52. It is time to include internet slang to dictionaries.
  53. Teens are unfairly stereotyped.
  54. Group homes are better than foster care.
  55. Guns don’t kill people.

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