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Since pandemic , we have the seen and experienced struggles and difficulties in all fields of life. one of the biggest problem was caused for our Education System . the Education system has suffered a lot during this pandemic in terms of both, resources and mode of education and due to this online exams and online education has become a new norm in our life.

As soon as pandemic arrived , the pandemic affected every age group but especially students in each and every country. They were forced to take online classes. students had no other option but gradually it became a success too, student could learn there respective subjects from home by just clicking one link and enter the class. After seeing good amount of success and response in online classes, Online examination was the next thing to come.

Online examination is a very simple ,easy and cost-effective way to give exams from home using a laptop, desktop or mobile. students do not need to go schools during pandemic they can easily give there test and pass there respective standard or degree. nowadays almost all schools and Universities are organizing exams online because that is the best and only way to conduct examinations .But every thing in this world has its advantages and disadvantages and Online Exams too have its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Online exams:-

  1. It saves paper: In most of the online exams ,we do not require pages due to which we can save a lots of papers.

    It saves more time :A lot of time is saved in online classes the result is given instantly after the exam instead of offline where a teacher will check it and the result will be declared after a month. it saves a lot of time.

3. it saves money: we do not require stationary items and other stuffs during online exams.

4. It saves the student’s money : Students don’t have to travel to a particular location to conduct the exam. So even for students from remote area’s it’s possible to take the exam. without facing any difficulties.

5. flexible and secure: it is very flexible and very secure. student feels comfortable with it.

Disadvantages of online Exams:-

Some of the disadvantages of online examinations are mentioned below.

  1. Connectivity issue:

As the exam is executed online, it needs a good internet connection. The connection is not constant in some places. Hence, if connectivity loses, then there is a high chances of getting low marks due to netwok. A good internet connection is a must for online exams and most of the students have a poor internet connection.

  1. Comfortability:

Not everyone is comfortable with online exams. some face many technical issues during test, some do not have a good typing speed and many other things .a nd there are some subjects where typing the answer does not works.

Online exams are being adopted by every school and college. it has some disadvantages( including many advantages) but we have no other clue or a way to deal the is also a veery new expereience for students who have always given the offline exams.

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