Some Myths about Solar Energy

The sun is the source of the solar power which converts into other form of power for utilization .Today’s Solar Energy is the most popular & most needed renewable energy .But with its popularity here comes some myths which create misbelieve among people & prevent the consumption of solar energy in great dimension .There are some of the myths about solar energy are discussed below .

1. Manufacturing Energy of Solar Panels are Greater than Produced Energy by Solar Panels :                                                                                                                                              It is a baseless conception about solar panels .National Renewable Energy Laboratory proved with their experiments that all types of solar panels pay back energy positively within 4 years .Retaliation Period for Mono- crystalline panels ,Poly-crystalline panels & Thin film panels are 2 years , 1-1.5 years & 1 year respectively .

Manufacturing of solar panels
Solar power measuring of solar panels

2. Daily Maintenance is Necessary for Solar Panels :                                                                Solar panels loss only 5-10% efficiency without it’s cleaning maintenance .So it is not a necessary requirement .Only off grid solar panels need some maintenances in battery but not in majority .

Maintenance of solar panel
solar panel cleaning

3. Solar Panels will Wreck the Roof of House:                                                                              The Roof-attached Solar panels are not attached to the roof directly .Solar panels are sited on a rack which is actually attached to the rooftop .So solar panels can’t harm a roof of the house.

solar panel fitting in rooftop
solar panel on rooftop

4. Solar Power Systems are Costly :                                                                                                  It is one of the popular misbelieve  about solar energy .It was true at the innovation time of solar panels around 1970 but in recent days solar panels are not expensive compared to other technological innovation . For recent advanced technology ,solar system becomes reachable in cost .

solar system are not coastly

5. Solar Panels are Invalid in Cloudy Days :                                                                                            It is the biggest wrong information about solar panels .People think that as solar panels use solar light & heat to generate current so rainy days are  not suitable for absence of light & heat .In fact solar panels can generate current in cloudy days but in less amount than the sunny days for efficiency reduction . Minimum 10-25% of usual current can be produced in rainy days by panels .

solar energy in cloudy weather
solar panel are working in rainy day

6. Solar System Keeps Working Even at the Time of Power-cut :                                                     It is a misconception to think that solar systems are able to work if power goes out .For Grid-connected system ,it will be invalid to work & for Hybrid system ,they only able to work in daytime .Only when the solar battery storage are coupled with solar system ,it can work during outage

power cut

 7. Warm Weather is Better for Solar Power Production :                                                       It is a conventional misapprehension among people that warm climate helps to generate much power .The actual fact is solar panel use sun light to produce power rather than heat .On the contrary ,high temperature  reduced efficiency of solar system .       

solar energy in warm weather
solar panels in sunny day

 8. Solar Panels Don’t Work on Cold Climate :                                                            With advanced technology ,solar panels can induce energy in every types of climate even in snowy or cold days .In fact cold weather helps to increase efficiency of solar system .      

solar panels in cold days
solar system in cold weather

  9. Solar Panels , Which finished Their Life-time, are Environmentally Greave :                                            It is a fallacy that time span finished solar panels is harmful for environment . The life time limitation for a solar panels are usually 25 years .The parts of solar systems can be recycled again for reuse after its lifetime .So in no way the parts of the solar system damage the nature .     

solar panels are recyclable

 10. Electric Bill will be Cheaper by the Installation of Solar System :

It is not actually true statement . The electric bill in fact depends on the way of using produced energy . Electric bill can be cheap by using produced excess energy or using electric appliances (which needed much electric) in less electricity using time (evening or night time).

Electric bill of solar energy
electric bill

There are more myths about solar energy other than these 10 —                                                               ~Heavy current loaded appliances are unable to run in Solar Energy .                                                   ~Solar panels are easily damageable by wind , birds .                                                                     ~Installation of solar panel are complicated .

These are the usual myths .But one have to remember that these are all myths .These statements doesn’t hold the complete truth about solar energy .So we should search about the complete truth before believing these conceptions about solar power .