Friendship – The unbreakable bond!!!

TRUST, LOVE, LOYALTY. Friendship is the only bond that suits these three words. In love, if there is love and faith, there is no loyalty at all. In family, if there is trust and love, there is no loyalty. But friendship has these three trust, love and faith. All people in this world will definitely have a true friend who care for you all the time. When I told you this, who is the one that strikes on your mind? The one that strike on your mind will be your soulmate forever. This is my trust. Just try this. Let me come to the point. Why we value friendship more than our family? Have you ever thought about it? Okay. Come on! Let me tell you about the non-sinking ship that is friendship.

When you first went to school, you would have cried when your mom/dad left you there. After getting some friends there, you would have definitely not cried. Yes, the bond that makes feel secure and happy beyond parents must be your friends. When you grow up with your friends, you will feel them as your own brother or sister. This gives you a feel to do anything for them. In your 12 years of school life, you might have faced many situations like punishments etc., right? School, where we learned all goo deeds with our friends. There must definitely be some naughtyness. Getting punishments together, picking on your friends as much as you can, irritating them etc. This childhood friendship has given us something, that is possessiveness, ego, love, care. These are the emergence of our own friendship. We always have a thought, my friend must talk to me and should not talk to others. Those possessive bonds are unbreakable.

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In your college life, at first, you might have some hesitation to talk to your friends and it will start very formally and after the bond get stronger, these won’t be formal talks even if you imagine it. The life’s adventures can be known with your friends in your college life. These school and college friendship can never be forgotten. It doesn’t matter what the gender is but what matters is friendship!! Friendship has no language, gender, caste etc., It’s just the sink of two hearts. There have always been the cute and lovely friendship between a boy and a girl. Some thought its wrong; what’s wrong with that? They are friends; they know their limits right? So, let’s stop being opposive on friendship between a boy and girl.

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As everyone know, tomorrow is International Friendship Day. Rather than texting your long distance friends just make it lively. Just do a video call or a normal call. This makes them feel happy for you. And they will know how strong your friendship is!!


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