Indian Female Athletes And Their Contribution To Sports

Women athletes had constantly struggled to create space for themselves in Indian sports. People had doubts about women’s performance and did not think they had what it took to compete in sports. They were considered weak and too emotional to survive the rough play. Though, women had been part of sports for a long time, lack of motivation and trust in them took time to make a mark and reinforce the lost confidence. Women are born to cook and have family was the belief of the society, but they defied all odds and changed history of sports with striking sporting skills. Now, female athletes have made India proud in various international games and their passion has inspired every girl out there to believe in her dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Here are a few Indian female athletes who have made India proud on international platforms.

  1. Mary Kom (Boxing)

Boxing is a career that was believed to be meant for men and not women. Female boxing was not considered a viable sport to be played and was discouraged by people. However, Mary proved them wrong and kept working to be the boxer she aspired to become. She had her own struggles but strived to the best that she is now. She overcame all the obstacles that pulled her from reaching the level that is unattainable to come near to even for the greatest boxers. Winning a medal in each of the six World Championships, she has set an astounding record despite being a wife and a mother of three children. Also, Mary is the first Indian female boxer to win gold in Asian Games. She could not qualify further in Olympics but her achievements are inspirational.

2. Saina Nehwal (Badminton)

Saina is the first Indian female badminton player to win Olympics medal. She is a true inspiration to young girls who aspire to be badminton player. She won prestigious awards like Arjuna Award, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. She was the first female to be raked no. 1 in the world.

3. Geeta Phogat (Wrestling)

Geeta Phogat in wrestling stunned everyone with remarkable performance. She wrestled her way through gold medal in Commonwealth Games. She is not the only Phogat known to incredibly represent the country but her sisters as well are equally bringing pride to Indians. Geeta and her sisters sacrificed a lot to be who they are now. Moreover, she was the first Female Indian Boxer to qualify Summer Olympics.

4. P V Sindhu (Badminton)

PV Sindhu at a very young age achieved magnificent things that made her India’s favorite badminton player. She was the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in Olympics at only 21 years of age. With her precision and skills she has now entered semi-finals in Tokyo Olympics and will be seen in action today.

5. Sakshi Malik (Wrestling)

Rio Olympics, 2016 turned to be the time when a talent like Sakshi Malik had become inspiration by winning first Olympic medal in wrestling. She started wrestling at a young age and her hard work payed off by achieving third place with supreme talent.

6. Deepika Kumari (Archery)

An inspiring woman who is praised for her excellence in archery and rewarded with numerous titles. Her achievements in archery are exceptional. She was ranked world’s no. 1 female archer. She could not make it through Quarter-finals but we can expect to see a lot of extraordinary performance in future games.

7. Rani Rampal (Hockey)

At the age of 15, she wonderfully represented India at the World Cup. She was awarded Khel Ratna and Padma Shri in the year 2020. Her contribution to Indian hockey paved her way to becoming captain of the team. Rani is successfully leading hockey team this year in Tokyo Olympics.

People were tough on them but they fought for themselves and for all those girls who were prevented to dream. They carved a way for women to strive against stereotypes. We are proud of you!

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