The Tokyo Olympics were to be held last year, but due to the ongoing pandemic, they were postponed. They are being held now and over 60 countries are participating in the same.

At the time this article is being written, India ranks 48 with China on top. While a decent performance is being shown by the Indian athletes, the rank is not very appreciable.

What could be the reason for this? Is it that the players are not well prepared or they have not been trained in a way to compete with top-level global players?

Observing the performance of the athletes, there is no doubt that they have worked hard for the games and they are giving their best.

The reason for ranks such low traces back to times when not just these athletes, but we all are kids or rather students. Remember how our parents (not all parents though) advised us to stop playing and study rather? In India, people are crazy about marks and prefer neglecting their child’s passion and talents just to rote learn some topics and write them down in the exams and secure rank 1. 

Many children, who could be potent sportspersons, who possess the skills required for a particular sport and are willing to achieve heights, give up their dreams just for the sake of their parents. 

The fact that there are people who are not able to afford money for pieces of equipment and coaching cannot be denied. But this brings us to the second point, which is the lack of government resources in the field of sports. There have been instances when aspirants had to train in areas not-so-perfect for the sport due to a lack of infrastructural development. How can you expect sportspersons to perform their best with such degraded infrastructural development and equipment? An instance of this is from the movie Dangal when the girls had to practice at their rooftop because of the lack of fund pool and corruption. 

Another point is the promotion of sports in schools. While some schools lay focus on sports, many do not. It does need much thought about the number of sports periods we used to have in school. While each one of us waited eagerly for that 30-35 minute period, as exams approached, a time when physical exercise is important to keep the stress at bay, teachers of other subjects used to take that period to complete the syllabus they should have done a long time back. 

Over the years, sports have developed as an important factor to measure the growth of a country. Sportsperson needs encouragement and before that proper training, pieces of equipment and guidance. 

It is high time that we start encouraging children to take part in sports and boost their morale to perform in the field they are best suited for. 

Parents need to understand that there exist career options except for engineers, doctors, and lawyers. If people are encouraged for sports since childhood, there is no stopping us from getting a bag full of gold medals in the Olympics or any other tournament. After all, we are Indians!

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