The work of the farmer depends almost entirely on the weather which is an uncertain factor; he has accordingly, bright sunshine. So the farmer has to be on the alert to get his hay in, while the weather is favorable, lest it should be ruined by rain and mist.

Opportunity: make it count!

In an extended sense, the difficulties of the farmer are like the difficulties of all people, no matter what their walks of life ( maybe ). Like the weather, life and health are uncertain; opportunities rarely occur and never repeat themselves.

Do it ! Win it !

When an opportunity offers itself, man must seize it and use it to the best advantage. Otherwise, he gets ruined like the negligent farmer whose hay is destroyed by a change in weather. The man who takes things easy postpones till tomorrow what he should do today, suffers heavily like the one who does not strike while the iron is hot. It is, therefore, necessary to make use of favorable opportunities. While we have health & the means, against a day when we may be deprived of one or the other, or both.

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