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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

If we turn the pages of history it will be vivid that the root of every revolution – be it French Revolution or India’s struggle for freedom – lies in the vision that was bestowed on the leaders through education. Raja Rammohan Roy, known as the Father of Modern India was one of the pioneers of socio-religious movements in 19th Century. Having been educated in modern sciences, literature, he chose the path of modernization and not the westernisation of natives. B.R Ambedkar was not just bluffing or rambling around when he wanted people belonging to the so-called, “lower castes” to be educated which would lead to their ultimate emancipation. Mahatma Gandhi who led many mass movements is the best manifestation of how powerful this weapon is!

Now, let’s not confuse between a literate and an educated one, doing so will make you look so not educated and so literate! Back then in the 19th Century, many elite and middle class were literate but only educated visionaries took a stand for what they thought would lead to the ultimate well-being of the people – be it Dayanand Saraswati’s “Back to Vedas” or Narayan Guru’s effort towards the upliftment of the lower sections of society or even Greta Thunberg’s “Friday for Future.”

The youth anywhere have that caged, powerful energy within them and the lack of proper channelization of energy is the sole reason for high crime rates, for escalating crisis in the world. If only it was imparted education on how to put to use that powerful flow of energy we wouldn’t have to read about heinous crimes, about devastating effect of environmental degradation, about all those taboos prevailing in the society taking its toll on people’s lives every day.

The reason that we are in the midst of such a grave crisis, which seems like every good thing is retreating from our life, from our world is because the ones who are literate did not actually turn out to be educated. They have actually let everything slide away, being so keen on getting a degree, a job in this ever-competitive world and meeting their aspirations; but these aspirations might turn out to be futile in the long run if the knowledge we possess has never been used to bring a change in ourselves nor in others while the world still continues to wait for someone to come to its rescue. It’s time that we become that “someone”.

It’s high time that we use education, the weapon that we possess to fight against the evils and to change the mind-set of people. It is not a work that would be done overnight like an assignment but it will be a long one which might go on for years. However, the important concern is that it needs to be started with oneself, bringing changes at micro level, moving towards the greater goal. After all, it’s those “little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean.”

It is equally necessary that people in every corner are aware about things happening around them. Governments need to focus on seriously implementing all those policies meant for imparting quality education to all girls and boys alike – channelizing their potential energy and enabling them to be a part of the process of emancipation of the world in crisis for it is not a hidden truth anymore that political freedom will be rendered redundant and futile if people are devoid of social freedom.

Education is the basic and a natural right that every individual should have as it is the only way for the world to escape the devastation that awaits – or why not say the devastation which has already started.

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