Stop It!

Whereas the growth of civilization with the aid of science has made man’s life easier, more comfortable, heal their and happy, it has been awfully noted in recent years that it has also brought the problem of pollution which has put before humanity the question of its survival.

Water and air – the two essentials of life have been mixed with so many undesirable pollutants, that fresh air and freshwater have become almost impossible to enjoy. This brings in turn the incurable diseases to the life and danger of decaying to the beautiful things made by a man on this earth. Pollution has two forms, viz; the pollution of water and the pollution of air. The pollution of water is mainly caused by surface water such as rivers, tanks, or lakes. The water is mixed up with many kinds of impurities due to the discharge of industries, hospitals, city sewage, the garage, and the leftover. All these make water poisonous which causes harm to the living beings, vegetation, and even to the non-living bodies.

Intellectuals and scientists should come ahead with preventive measures to eradicate the problem of pollution. Government should also take some ore concrete measures like cleaning rivers Ganga and Yamuna and making them free from pollutants. Most importantly we as educated and concerned beings should also take preventive measures and spread awareness around regarding pollution and consequences of it, after all, mother earth is one of our major responsibilities.

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