Truth and dare, a game which marks the beginning of our puberty. This game fascinated me as much as any other kid of 6th standard might be.

We were new to it. We were ready for it! However, I wasn’t sure of it. Instead of being excited, I was nervous!

Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, I am Steve, and this is how my first game of truth and dare changed my life.

We were in our 6th standard. One Saturday my friends and I were returning from school, when Kristin came up with the idea of playing truth and dare.

I was not up for it, as usual but somehow my friends forced me into it. I agreed to it, but hoped to reach our destination before the bottle rim pointed at me. I didn’t want to play! I was nervous!

Then there happened something, which made my life turn upside down! The bottle rim pointed at Susan, a friend of mine. Now Susan and I were just acquaintances. We never actually talked to each other. It was just a hi hello relationship for us.

Susan chose dare, and Kristin dared her to say I love you to any one of the three boys, Zayn, Austin or me. Back in that time, I was a big nerd who stayed away from girls. I don’t know why exactly but I didn’t have that confidence in me to talk to a girl, which is why I was really scared!

My heart started racing, I had butterflies in my stomach, my hands were almost sweating. Not that I was expecting to be the one whom Susan chose, but what if she did?

I have always found Susan pretty. She was not one of those girls who found ways to impress boys. Never in the many years of knowing her did I see any kind of make up on her. She was natural. She was sweet and from what I could assume, she had a heart of diamond and a smile worth millions of dollars!

I have always liked her because she was nothing like other girls. She was genuine. I always thought of talking to her but never had the confidence to do so! Oh God what if she chooses me!

Yes i know I am sounding a bit too extra, but the girl in question is her! The only girl with whom i wanted to talk and be friends with! My heart was sinking with every second, I had goose bumps and I felt a pressure putting itself upon me! This kills. This game sucks!

I was busy fighting my own thoughts when I caught Susan looking at me. Her eyes were not blinking. She stared at me, looked into my eyes. All of a sudden, I started feeling relaxed. Her eyes felt like heaven. Those beautiful pearl eyes, that beautiful, frightened face!

Her lips parted, a sigh left her mouth, and the words, “I love you” she uttered, with her eyes still fixed with mine. I couldn’t process what just happened. It was just a dare, but that moment felt something more!

A sudden hooting made us both look away when we reached her bus stop and she went away. I don’t know what had just happened. It was a great feeling. So beautiful and intense that i could still feel my heart pounding against my chest. But, the real question is, did she feel the same way I did?

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