As the proverb goes “The kitchen is the heart of the home” and so the utensils play an important role in this process.

Kitchen is where ones creativeness flourish. Be it the recipes passed from generation to generation or trying out something new, everything is a creative process that is poured out of love and care. And for this, and equipped kitchen is a must so that the process is not interrupted.

And when ones thinks of equipped kitchen, the one thing that immediately comes to mind in this modern world is induction cooktop as it makes life easy and simple with its advanced features.


It basically works on the principle of electrical induction rather than thermal induction. An induction hob contains copper coil underneath the ceramic plate which helps transfer electrical current to the cooking pot which in turn transforms as heat to the pot.


While cooking can be the love for many people but safety is an important thing to keep in mind. Unlike gas stoves that rely on exposed flames induction cook top are safer and there’s no risk involved. There is no release of nitrogen dioxide and particles into the air unlike in gas. They avoid combustion of gas.


  • The foremost reason to have an induction cooktop is that it makes cooking faster. That to in this modern world where cooking is a time consuming process, this makes life easy.
  • They are planet friendly. It uses less energy and lower residual heat. Thus lower energy bills.
  • They are safer. They use the electromagnetic reaction to heat the contents and not regular burners which makes its much safer.
  • They are mess free. Food seldom sticks on it.

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