Situated in easterly part of India along the famous Hoogly river, Kolkata which was earlier known as Calcutta is referred as the city of joy .With the magnificent architecture, rich traditions, beautiful music and art this city has something unique within it. And not only the traditions, but this city is a place of residence for esteemed artists such as the great Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray providing a special admiration for literature as well as cinema. Among all this city provides an exceptional religious and traditional experience of Durga Puja known as “Maha  pujo” or merely puja or pujo every year.

“Dugga Dugga” echo the unified voice of all the Bengali women as they move towards the pandals for the “pujo”, wishing for a  secure journey ahead in their life. The euphonious sound of beats coming from the dhak echoes the entire pandal and the aroma of dhunuchi(a Bengali incense burner used in traditional ceremonies)) fills in every house and the joyous street of Kolkata. Attired in the most beautiful sarees along with the heaviest of jewels, every Bengali women seem to walk a step ahead of every individual on the auspicious day. Nothing  

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