Love and relationships

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Love the most complicated yet simple word in pronunciation. This is the word we have heard millions of time. And also have spoken multiple times. Now If we define love what would be it?. Something which give you happiness and pleasure is love. The person with whom you are happy and know that he or she can make you happy everytime.

Today we are talking about love in relationships. Relationships one more complicated word. And in actual relationships are complicated. The start of every relationship is from I think the word love. In most cases this is not love. How can you just a say person you saw ? That’s what is like not love. And we assume it as love and enter into relationships that are going to end soon.

May be with the passage of time you eventually fall or may be you dont. The situation is worst when one and the other doesnot. This is what we call DEVDAS stage. Person in Stage of singing TADAP TADAP KE IS DIL SE AAG NIKLTI RAHI.. And he feels all sad songs. Ohh damn this is so good and it was written for me.

Relationships are never smooth. Have you ever seen any marriage smooth? So how can be a relationship smooth? Your relationship can only be successful if you both understand each other. How you can run your vehicle? Sounds like marriage yaa it is. But the roots of both are same. Trust and understanding.

Every relationship is different in its own and you dont need a LOVE GURU for it. Follow what your heart says and everything is best then. Sometimes expert advice can ruin your life. Use your mind. #kbhi toh istmal kro.. and #phle istmal kro fir vishwas kro. 🤣🤣🤣.. Sorry for the joke.

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