The women’s way of Hitchhiking

Who doesn’t like to travel! Every form of travelling, be it through a travel agent or solo or picking up friends and exploring random places renders you lifelong cherish able experiences.

Travel is indeed more about people and places you come across in the tour. But very often we miss people and keep walking places. But this, is not the case with hitchhiking. To go with a dictionary meaning, it says hitchhiking to be a means of transportation (which is quite funny) that is gained by asking random individuals, usually strangers, for a ride in their vehicle. This definition is a life pact for some and for many a concern for their security. Travelling with locals on their vehicles gives you insights about their life and also the essence of beauty and devil of that place. As the saying goes one can learn more experiences from the experiences of others. All you need to do is go to any random place you have in mind, raise your thumb, ask for a ride when any vehicle stops by- paid or free that depends on the driver.

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For men, hitchhiking is relatively safe. Women have to be more concerned with their safety because of rising cases of public violence against them. Asking a complete stranger for a ride won’t always lead to the destination decided. According to statistics attempted rape chances of female hitchhikers had been 1-2 out of 1000 lifts. So, is hitchhiking safe for women? the answer is both yes and no. And I believe this shouldn’t stop you from adventures.

I think a high school girl Hitchhiking is stupid. It was dangerous then and it is dangerous now.

Bo Derek

Knowing and hearing that hitchhiking is dangerous for women is the most annoying thing to come across. Like any other task men can do, women can perform it as well. Hitchhiking is no exception. The only thing different in case of female hitchhikers is that we have to go ready with both action and prevention measures. Many a times faking is key to save yourself from unavoidable situations. Keeping a loud whistle, pepper spray, etc. handy is a good preparatory measure.

Being mentally equipped with faking tactics always help. For instance, if the driver you are riding with offers to take you to your destination, which is exactly something you don’t want, in such a case then you can make up a scenario explaining them that you have someone waiting for you here. Such tactics will help you keep safe and enjoy the journey in solitude which is what you desire.

Other point to consider is the place you go hitchhiking. There are many scenic places you can enjoy but not all can be fit for hitchhiking. The culture and affairs of the place matters a lot. You can’t go hitchhiking alone in Syria or Saudi with your track pants on. That would be crazy. And thus, researching about the tour place beforehand is wise and perceptive. Choosing the right destination for both men and women matters. And this is truer with women.

A hitchhiker’s guide is a hundred percent accurate. Reality, however, is not as reliable.

Eoin Cofler

The travel accounts of Ana Barkan gives great insight on hitchhiking. The next time you plan one, read the stories and be prepared for the best and the worst (trust me the worst is rare).

Hitchhiking is fun and like any other travel sport, this is a great one to include in our bucket list only if you not desire to make it your life.

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