BOOK REVIEW – Being Reshma


A Good Takeaway is something essential for all human beings.

 There are only a few genres that create an inevitable impact in the hearts of readers and Autobiographies are considered to be one of the genres that stand out as an influencing factor in the lives of many people. Similarly, Most of us prefer less drama and Assertive pieces of work quite interesting, which makes nonfiction stories likeable. What could be more interesting when two most riveting genres combine! Yes, i will be writing about one of my favourite books, which is an ‘Autobiographical Nonfiction’- “Being Reshma” an impeccable life story of an acid attack survivor or to be more accurate, a warrior, who ought to overcome a traumatic experience of her life and has also succeeded, This book was written by Tania Singh and co-authored by Reshma Qureshi herself. 

This book, an inspiration, is about Reshma (the protagonist) , a girl who faced a tragic incident and was thrown acid by her own sister’s former husband as an act of revenge. Her entire face, skin and bones were damaged then she was taken to a hospital. Reshma was shunned by The hospital and the police authorities responses, which was very harsh. Despite facing many hurdles, Reshma didn’t shatter and succumb to her condition, but shone bright by becoming the first acid attack survivor to walk the runway at Newyork fashion week in 2016 which is just two years post such a terrific incident. She made global headlines by proving herself.

Besides, Reshma participated in many such events and campaigns. In one such campaign called #endacidsale which was held in 2015, Reshma asserted a strong statement which was also mentioned in her book, that is, “You will find red lipstick easily in the market, just like concentrated acid. This is how, every day, a girl becomes a victim of an acid attack.”(Qureshi 138) Which is a very bold statement that made many people think twice and is emotional, also one of my personal favourite lines said by her. Reshma never stopped campaigning against acid Attacks. Reshma also asserts that she wouldn’t stop raising awareness and narrate the ordeal of her life until the discriminatory and diverse mentality of people against acid Attack survivors come to an end. 

We all know acid attacks are not uncommon in India which is truly heartbreaking. Such inspiring autobiographies create powerful impressions and stimulate each of us to achieve big things in life regardless of insurmountable obstacles our life offers, which is nothing compared to life histories of many great personalities like Reshma Qureshi who proved herself and sets a great example for many more youngsters like me.              

In the midst of people who are very much concerned about physical Appearance, there are also people who embrace themselves with open heart and acceptance, which makes them succeed in life in unimaginable ways. 

Hence, if at all people lack confidence in overcoming insecurities I would highly suggest this must-read Autobiographical nonfiction story, “Being Reshma” A Phenomenon. 

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