Patriotism in today’s world?

Patriotism is not necessarily doing great things but doing small things in a great way.

Paying taxes on time, will ensure proper functioning of government.

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Performing our duties with sincerity, will help our society

casting our vote, will ensure right government

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keeping our surroundings clean, will prevent the spread of diseases

Vidhya dhaan Rakth dhaan Anna dhaan ang dhaan, will help the people in need

Planting trees, will protect the environment

Purchasing ‘Make in India’ products, will increase the nation’s economy.

These small deeds will ultimately contribute to nation building.

The way we all faced this pandemic together is the best recent example of patriotism.

Through its Vaccine Maitri, India has donated and supplied 66 million vaccines and essential medicines to countries across the globe.

And, as part of the neighbourhood first policy, India evacuated the citizens of Maldives and Bangladesh from Wuhan.

Yes, ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’, the whole world is one family. My country India practices what it preaches.

Let us also practice what we preach and work sincerely to make India a self – reliant and a developed nation, together with the loyal legislature that makes laws, accountable executive that carries out the laws and trustworthy judiciary that evaluates the laws.

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