Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting an existing journal and Starting a new journal

Question: My university is operating a journal but the system does not work well.  Can you help? 
Answer:  Yes. We have journal migration tools and the hosting solutions that may meet your demand.  Please contact us for further details.
Question: What service do you provide for academic institutes? 

Answer: In partnership government, community organizations, and education-related foundations, EDUindex offers a variety of programs and activities to promote education development, international collaboration, including

  • IT & Hosting support for scientific publication and customer relations management (CRM).
  • Logistics and event management support for academic projects (conferences, workshops, educational consulting services, etc).
To learn more about IISTE’s IT support for academic journal hosting and activities, please email us at
Question: What the paper version of the journal looks like?  When will I receive them?
Answer: The paper version has a plastic color cover with all the articles in that volume. Your article and others’ ones will appear in the same hard copy.  The paper version will be sent out roughly around 22 days after the online publication via international post.  The receiving time depends on the shipping address within India only.  Also, it largely depends on how your local postal service handles international mails. Authors who need to the paper version urgently can also request to use courier service.
Question: Do I still hold the intellectual property rights of my research result after signing the copyright agreement?
Answer:  The role of EDUINDEX is only disseminating knowledge via the hosting platform. We only publish academic articles/books and we don’t hold the rights of your research results.  The intellectual properties of the articles under our hosting platform still belong to the authors and the individual journals.

Conference IT hosting and logistics management

Question: how will IISTE’s conference hosting and logistics management solution help each conference organizer?
Answer: Our Conference Logistics team offers a full range of IT solutions for even management; from initial concept and planning to post-conference analysis. Services are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and objectives, saving them valuable time and money, while maximizing the benefit to their delegates, sponsors and their organization. Conference Logistics can provide a total conference management service or just manage some specific elements eg Registration management.

Question: Do you have solutions for collecting and organizing the abstract, presentations and speaker information from the conference?
Answer:  The quality of oral and poster presentations is a key element of the conference program. Conference Logistics has the capability to manage the submission of abstracts using our online abstract management process. We create the abstract submission website inhouse, ensuring that the ‘look and feel’ of your conference is maintained, and we customize it in accordance with your needs. The abstract review process can also be completed online, which is time effective for reviewers who are often busy and volunteering their time to review submitted abstracts.

Question: Do you have visa / travel tracking and booking solutions?
Answer: The registration fee for each conference usually includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshment during conference dates. Our Conference IT solutions can help to track and minimize the costs.

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