Why Politicians Don’t Care For Human Rights Of Our Soldiers?

Let me begin at the beginning itself by stating that I feel most hurt whenever I hear politicians criticizing our soldiers who every second while in service put their own life in jeopardy so that we all citizens can live our life without any fear. My grievance is not just against Azam Khan alone who most recently poured venom against our soldiers and equated them with rapists and justified violence against them by saying “Soldiers have been beaten by women in Kashmir, Jharkhand and Assam and their private parts were chopped off. The truth is that women are forced to act against Army rapists. It is a message that Hindustan should be ashamed of.” It is against the political class as a whole who have always treated our brave soldiers with contempt for reasons known best to them. They keep quiet when soldiers like Lieutenant Umar Fayyaz are brutally murdered after kidnapping him unarmed from a wedding ceremony at gunpoint! They don’t utter a word on dreaded terror outfit ISIS flags being openly waved in Kashmir!
Why Politicians Don’t Care For Human Rights Of Our Soldiers?

                                          It merits no reiteration that Indian Army is among the most disciplined forces in the world and misconduct is not tolerated even to a bare minimum. We have seen how many times soldiers are court martialled even on the slightest of misconduct what to talk about rape yet our politicians feel that our soldiers of Army commit heinous crimes like rape and women have to act against them as no action is taken against them by Army! This is nothing but utter nonsense and a white lie!
                                               Azam Khan’s utter callous and false remarks have brutally hurt the sentiments of all those not just in the Army but also all those like me who inspite of not being in the Army always hold our soldiers in the highest esteem and no accusations will ever shatter my unflinching faith on our brave and most disciplined soldiers! This alone explains why whenever there is flood or any other crisis in any part of India which includes Jammu and Kashmir, the local population themselves demand that they want the help of not just police but also of Army because soldiers are best disciplined to help everyone without any bias or prejudice! Does Azam Khan and other politicians like him not know this simple and plain irrefutable fact? It was disclosed by Col RSN Singh in a news channel that this Azam Khan was rusticated from the college where he was studying for misbehaving with a woman and still such politicians who themselves don’t have clean record shamelessly accuse our Indian Army soldiers of indulging in rapes!  
                                               It is just not fair to tar all soldiers with one brush. There are black sheep in every field. Whenever Army finds that a black sheep has defamed its impeccable reputation it does not waste any time in taking the strictest action against him no matter how senior he may be!
                                          Justice Markandey Katju who is a a former Judge of Supreme Court had once famously said that, “Politicians of India are rogues and scoundrels.” He had squarely blamed them for all the ills of India. Why our politicians don’t accept this and rather point accusing fingers at Army who are the “real pride” of India without having any concrete proof? Justice Katju had also termed Pakistan and Bangladesh as “fake countries” created solely by Indian politicians. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan who hailed from Pakhtoonistan in Pakistan had once famously said to Jawaharlal Nehru that, “Nehru you have made me a foreigner in my own country by partitioning India”. Why politicians say nothing on this?
                                                 Why politicians say nothing on this that Jawaharlal Nehru complicated the Jammu and Kashmir problem by not allowing Indian soldiers a free hand and rushing to UN for ceasefire due to which a large part of Jammu and Kashmir went in the hands of Pakistan called Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) which even after 70 years later is still with them? Why politicians say nothing on this that the biggest act of communalism was accepting the partition of India on religious lines which was opposed tooth and nail by leaders like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad but they were in minority as most of them wanted India to be partitioned? Why politicians did not refuse to accept the partition of India on the flimsy ground of religion due to which we have been suffering interminably since last 70 years?
                                          Why politicians perpetuated inequality by putting a total full stop on Hindus marrying more than once even though prior to 1947 Hindus were free to marry as many women as they liked because there were no restrictions in Hinduism but did nothing to stop Muslims from marrying more than one except under very exceptional circumstances as is prescribed by their founder Prophet Mohammad itself? Why politicians did not allow Jammu and Kashmir to be fully merged with India? Why politicians ensured a separate flag and separate Constitution and separate laws for the people of Jammu and Kashmir when its Maharaja Hari Singh had unconditionally merged his province into India?
                                          Why politicians have so much of venom against our brave soldiers and so much of soft corner for Pakistan? Why our soldiers have been sacrificing their lives since last 70 years fighting Pakistani troops and terrorists trained and sent by Pakistan into India yet politicians have never nuked all relations with Pakistan even though small countries like Kuwait have severed all links with Pakistan and have asked Pakistanis to vacate Kuwait as they promote terror even though they are not directly affected by proxy war of Pakistan which has always since 1947 been directed only and only against India? Still do our soldiers ever criticize politicians and ask the people to be ashamed of them? No!
                                                 Why politicians unilaterally decided to grant Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan way back in 1996 even though they have not granted us the same? Why politicians ruling in Centre have taken a vow that they will not listen to their own senior leaders like Subramanium Swamy what to talk about Shashi Tharoor and under no circumstances will ever withdraw the MFN status conferred wrongly and unilaterally on Pakistan just few years after terrorists sponsored by Pakistan ensured the killings and exodus of lakhs of Hindus and even those Muslims who helped them in any manner way back in 1989? Does Pakistan deserve MFN status? Incidentally China and India both conferred MFN status to each other way back in 1988!
                                           Why politicians are so insensitive towards the sufferings faced by our Indian soldiers who risk their life every second in Siachen glacier, Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam and other parts of India and care a least for their basic human rights? Why politicians very strongly feel that ordinary criminals like rapists or dacoits or robbers or murderers or any other ordinary criminals not trained by ISI or Pakistani Army are not worthy of being engaged in talks and dialogues rather it is only and only terrorists who are fully trained in rogue nations like Pakistan and fully armed to the teeth to spread maximum destruction in India by killing maximum soldiers and innocents who are best suited to be invited for talks and dialogues? Why politicians appoint interlocutors and declare ceasefire only for terrorists and not for rapists or dacoits or other ordinary criminals not trained in Pakistan or any other foreign country on how best to destroy India?                   
                                              Why politicians of nearly all political parties were united in according a red carpet welcome to Pakistani invader General Pervez Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures even though unofficially the figure was quite high and were unanimous in saying that, “Paar baat jab aaygi Pervez ki nahin paar baat jab aaygi Musharraf ki humein to Musharraf chaiyein, humein to Pervez, Pervez, Pervez, Musharraf, Musharraf, Musharraf. Lagta hain bada pyaara dikhta hain bada pyaara.” Even though senior Supreme Court lawyer Aman Lerkhio very strongly felt that Gen Musharraf who was responsible for Kargil war and the brutal killings of hundreds of our brave soldiers should have been arrested right when her landed in India and after being tried for war crimes should have been hanged but see how politicians tom-tommed in front of him even though politician like Sandeep Dixit have no qualm in equating our present Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat with “Sadak ka Gundaa”! Are politicians on pay role of Pakistan or Musharraf? If not then why so much of kowtowing in front of them and extra soft corner for them?
                                          Why repeatedly Pakistan sends its Border Action Team (BAT) to India with sharp weapons to behead our soldiers, mutilate their bodies and even their private parts are not spared and still politicians keeps tolerating it quietly? During Kargil war Pakistani soldiers captured Captain Saurav Kalia alive along with 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment and brutally tortured them not for 1 day or 2 days or 5 days or 10 days or 15 days or 20  days but for nearly a month before finally shooting them on their head! Their eyes were gouged out after piercing them with hot iron rods, their ears were also cut in similar fashion and their whole body bore signs of cigarette torture! Not just this their fingers too were brutally cut and not just this their private parts were also not spared! They were beaten mercilessly for nearly a month before finally killing them by shooting on their head!           
                                              Why politicians gave importance to relations with Pakistan and did not even raise bilaterally the brutal killing of Captain Kalia and 5 soldiers with Pakistan? Why instead Pakistani invader Gen Musharraf who himself admitted that he entered 15-16 km inside Indian territory to boost the morale of his soldiers was given a grand welcome in India and that too just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war? Why for nearly 18 years the father of late Captain Saurabh Kalia is fighting a lone battle in Supreme Court to get justice for his child but Centre did not even provide him a senior and experienced lawyer free of cost as amicus curiae to help him fight the case legally? Why politicians like former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former Defence Minister Jaswant Singh backtracked and did nothing even after assuring NK Kalia who is the father of late Captain Saurabh Kalia that they would rake up the brutal killing of his son and 5 soldiers in every international forum and also with Pakistan?  
                                   Why politicians are still shamelessly happy with continuing bus service, train service and other service by which Pakistanis and terrorists can very easily enter India and kill innocents? It is because they are themselves not directly affected as they enjoy Z plus security so why should they be bothered? Why politicians are still shamelessly happy with not declaring Pakistan a rogue state and a terror state as demanded by Rajeev Chandrashekhar and keeping a huge army of diplomats in India to directly harm our interests and encourage separatists and help them in all possible manner? Why politicians ruling in Centre are not naming Pakistan as Aatankistaan as demanded by Maulana Mehmood Madani and nuking all relations with Pakistan by boycotting them in every forum as very rightly demanded by Madani?
                                            Why politicians are treating the beheading and mutilation of our brave soldiers as “normal routine” and are not disturbing ties with Pakistan in any manner? Why is the pro-Pakistani lobby in Centre allowed to have the final say in all matters by not disturbing relations with Pakistan in any manner? Are soldiers more important or Pakistan more important for our politicians?
                                What did India get after releasing the  surrendered 93,000 Pakistani prisoners of war after defeating Pakistan in 1971 war? Pakistan didn’t release our 54 prisoners of war and none other than former PM of Pakistan – Zulfikar Ali Bhutto himself testified in his book that he could daily hear the cries of Indian soldiers as they were tortured by Pakistani soldiers whole day and whole night! Why politicians did just nothing to ensure their safe return even though when some politician’s daughter is kidnapped as happened way back in 1989 when Rubaiya Sayyed who was daughter of former Home Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayyid then politicians agreed to release many hard core terrorists who later indulged in a lot of mayhem and killing of innocent people in Kashmir?
                                            Why even PM Narendra Modi has time to crashland in Pakistan and attend the marriage ceremonies of Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif’s relatives and that too uninvited but has no time to console the wife, parents and children of those unfortunate brave soldiers who are most brutally assaulted, tortured, murdered, beheaded, mutilated and what not? Why Modi listened to his crazy advisers who advised him to unilaterally invite Pakistan’s notorious ISI agents to inspect that very place in Pathankot where terrorists trained by ISI executed merciless killings of our brave soldiers including a Major of Army and all this happened just after Modi’s visit to Pakistan? Why Pakistan refused NIA to even enter their country leave alone interrogate the key suspects? Why politicians shamelessly refuse to learn any lesson from history?
                                                    Why a consistent hardline approach is not followed with Pakistan? Why even after winning 1971 war with Pakistan did politicians not take back whole of PoK from Pakistan and ensured the safe release of 54 Indian soldiers who were condemned to suffer endlessly at the hand of Pakistani Army and ISI which alone explains why the then Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had remarked famously that, “Even though we have lost the battle on the ground but politically and diplomatically we have won the game because it is India that has made all the concessions!” Why politicians surrendered the pride and dignity of our brave soldiers so weakly?
                                                     Why One Rank One Pension (OROP0 which soldiers were enjoying till 1971 was stopped suddenly soon after winning 1971 war? Why OROP for IAS, IPS and senior generals but not for soldiers who actually fight the real battle on the ground and lay down their invaluable lives for a thankless nation? Why even now OROP has not been fully granted which alone explains why soldiers are still protesting and many have been braving lathis and one ex-soldier had even died while protesting?
                                                   Why politicians like  Azam Khan are just ready to always level some allegation or the other on our brave soldiers and ask us to be ashamed of them but never feel ashamed by repeatedly compromising with foreign powers and surrendering our nations pride abjectly time and again? Stonepelters in Kashmir are ostensibly paid by their ISI handlers but who pays politicians to always bat in favour of Pakistan  and invite this very notorious ISI to inspect the site where terror attack is carried out by terrorists trained and armed by ISI themselves and Pakistani invaders like Gen Pervez Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures and who even contemplated to nuke India during Kargil war and after attack on Indian Parliament way back in 2001 and paid Rs 1 lakh as cash prize to dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist Iliyas Kashmiri for presenting him a  head of an Indian soldier as trophy yet was treated like a royal emperor and given grand welcome just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war without caring for the sentiments of those who lost their bravehearts in Kargil war! It is high time and it is not just the common man but even politicians who must themselves realise that India is safe because of soldiers as they face all dangers which alone explains why no politician ever sends his children to Army! A nation who does not care for human rights of their soldiers who brave all odds to protect our borders and our safety can never survive long!  
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,

Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.