Nation, Religion And Parents Can Never Be Changed

It is most hurting to see that the incidents of waving of Pakistani flags in India is growing by the day. This is most reprehensible and condemnable. Under no circumstances can it be ever justified. All this cannot happen without active political patronage of different political parties.
                                            Let me be candid enough to admit that in 1994 when I was terribly upset over many of my very good Hindu friends making a joke of me for not performing well in BSc especially in Second year in which I lost one year not because of my lack of hard work but because my Botany paper was not checked properly and revaluation result came after the Supplementary exams were over and only one of my Muslim friend Sageer Khan stood by me in a manner which I can’t describe in words I was very impressed by him and I told him that I too want to become Muslim like him and moreover I feel that in Hindu religion I have no place as my friends mock me and Lord Shiv too has no time for me.
                                     Sageer Khan was in tears. He immediately took my hand on his head and asked to me to give a vow to him that I will never change in life: Nation, religion and parents. He told me that just like he is a born Muslim and will die as a Muslim similarly I also should never ever think of renouncing my religion. He also asked me to worship Lord Shiv till my death whom I had worshipped till then but at that point of time had lost all faith in him. He said that, “All religions are but different paths and who all have one common destination God whom we call by different names like Hindus call God as Lord Shiv, Lord Krishan etc and Muslims call it Allah. One should never renounce one’s religion, God, parents and nation under any circumstances come what may because there can be no substitute for them!”
                                      Even in my wildest of dreams I had never expected that a Muslim whom I always thought of as “Mandir (Temple) tod (breaker) and Murti (Idol) tod (breaker) would one day make sure that I regularly visit Mandir (temple) and worship Murti (Idol). It was a coincidence that whenever he accompanied me to temple, the idol that I saw in front of me was not of Lord Shiv  but of Lord Hanuman and Ma Durga whom till then I never worshipped but since then always invoke their name!
                                           Such Indians who inspite of staying in India wave Pakistani flags must introspect and ask themselves: Is Pakistan a country worth staying? Certainly not. This alone explains why my best friend Sageer Khan once said to me that, “Those who shout slogans supporting Pakistan and wave Pakistani flags never go to Pakistan to settle there permanently because they too know fully well that it is a rogue country where Mohajjirs (Muslims from India) are still treated like refugees, third rated citizens and discriminated against and similarly those in PoK are not given any voting right or any other right and similarly the people of Balochistan are slaughtered like animals. I bet that if such Indians who wave Pakistani flags and shout Pakistani slogans are told to leave India permanently, they will themselves never go to Pakistan.”
                                         Sageer Khan further said once to few of his Muslims friends which I overheard from outside a room that, “Muslims are most safest in India and India alone. There can be no country more safe for Muslims in the world than India. Taliban  means student but see how Pakistan is making them terrorists. Jihad means a holy war by which poorest of poor benefits but see how innocents are being killed in name of Jihad. Hafiz means a person who learns Quran by heart but see how terrorists are naming themselves Hafiz in Pakistan! Mujahideen means a person (Mujahid) who struggles for betterment of society but see how terror groups are being named after it! Islam means “submission to peace” but see how violence is being spread in name of Islam! Nothing can be more insulting than this!”
                                     Sageer also said that, “It is only in India that Muslims can lay claim to Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi despite knowing fully well that these places have been Hindu’s pilgrimages site since time immemorial which I totally oppose. If Hindus also similarly lay claim to Mecca and Medina, will any Muslim in the whole world ever accept it? No, not just in Mecca or Medina but Muslims will not allow temple to be built in any place in Saudi Arabia or in any other Gulf country. I bet it.  Also, no true Muslim will ever offer namaz in a disputed site. Also, since no namaz had been offered in the site where Babri Masjid stood since last more than seventy years, it ceases to be a mosque. Moreover, Muslims must learn tolerance from Hindus who have been tolerating this nonsense since so many years”!  
                                         Having said this, let me also bring out here that there are many more like my best friend Sageer Khan. Mohammad Amir Khan was wrongly implicated in about 20 terror cases in 1998 and was wrongly jailed and tortured for about 14 years and his father died as he could not tolerate people calling him as “father of terrorist” and his mother also became paralysed and later died yet he still feels proud to wave Indian flag and calls himself an Indian! NHRC recently awarded him Rs 5 lakh compensation also for being wrongly jailed yet he never waves Pakistani flags nor shouts slogans supporting Pakistan! Such Indians who have never been sent to jail nor ever labelled “terrorist” nor tortured yet chant “Pakistan, Pakistan” and wave “Pakistani flags” must learn something from him! For me, Mohammad Amir Khan is the “real Bharat Ratna” who is a living testimony to prove that Pakistan can never give India what India can give to them!
                                      It is wrong to slap sedition charges against 11 people raising anti-national slogans during the victory march of a Congress candidate Sana Khan in Dhaurhara Nagar Panchayat in Lakhimpur Kheri. They must be asked as to do they really like Pakistan so much that they wave flags and raise slogans in their favour and do they really hate India so much that they abuse their nation. If the answer is in the affirmative then they must be immediately sent to Pakistan! Adnan Sami who was a Pakistani singer came to India and settled in Mumbai and took Indian citizenship! Why can’t they too behave similarly and take Pakistani citizenship if they are really so attracted to Pakistan?    
                                         My best friend Sageer Khan said to me in 1994, “I challenge that not one Muslim of India will ever be ready to go to Pakistan if they are asked to go and if someone still really wants to go then why stop them? Why slap Indian laws on them in which they don’t believe? Why treat them like Indians when they consider themselves as Pakistanis? Why accord them Indian citizenship? Why no national party is prepared to draft Uniform National Code in which clear provisions must be made that those who abuse India, burn Indian flags and wave Pakistani flags and shout slogans supporting Pakistan would be deprived of Indian citizenship and would not be given any benefit henceforth? Not one Indian will then ever dare to indulge in such anti-national acts”!
                                         But that is the real tragedy! Indian politicians of all parties including BJP will never dare to do such thing for reasons known best to them nor will they ever revoke Most Favoured Nation status wrongly given to a country like Pakistan which is the biggest insult to our soldiers and martyrs because it is Pakistan and Pakistan alone who is responsible for sponsoring cross border terrorism in India since last many decades yet we maintain cordial relations with them even though Kuwait has revoked all relations with Pakistan and ordered all Pakistanis to leave Pakistan as they get lured to terror acts very easily and are a grave national threat to them! Can Indian leaders of any party ever dare to do similarly? Never!
                                           This is the real crisis of India!  What can you expect from leaders who are themselves morally bankrupt and who believe in inviting Pakistani invaders like Gen Musharraf who as Pakistani Army Chief had masterminded Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war? All leaders unitedly welcomed Gen Musharraf and not one word was spoken against him except one or two notable exception and that is Pranab Mukherjee who lambasted Centre for inviting a rogue who called terrorist as “freedom fighters” and terrorism as “freedom struggle” and also Maulana Mehmood Madani who advised Musharraf to not start his politics from India and not to worry about Indian Muslims as 95% Hindus are with them always which angered him to no end!
                                       Rajiv Chandrashekhar who is MP from Bangalore wanted to get Pakistan declared as “rogue and terror sponsor country” and had even placed a private members Bill in Parliament but not one national party supported him even though leaders of big parties in UN forum always slam Pakistan as “Terroristan”! This must change now if India is to progress! All relations with Pakistan must be nuked as long as it continues exporting terrorism to India and keep fomenting trouble here! But no national party is prepared for this for reasons known best to them! Before concluding, let me again reiterate what my best friend Sageer Khan said to me way back in 1993-94 that, “Anything can be changed but religion, parents and nation can never be changed come what may. Never forget this if you truly consider me your friend in life”. Absolutely right!
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.