Insult Of Jadhav’s Family Is Insult Of India

Coming straight to the key point, I fully agree with senior and eminent Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad that, “Insult of Jadhav’s family is insult of more than 130 crore Indians”. The moot question is: Why do our leaders of all parties speak strong language against Pakistan but never take any tough action against them? How long we will keep drinking poison like Lord Shiv and keep tolerating everything cheerfully? We are not Lord Shiv nor can we ever dare to even dream to become like him! Also, we should not forget that Lord Shiv certainly drank poison but he never tolerated insult and had not spared even the father of his consort Parvati when he insulted him publicly!
                                           But leaders of India are crossing all tolerable limits. They may shout against Pakistan, they may scream against Pakistan, they may demand terming Pakistan as Aatankistan as they did just recently in UN but when it comes to taking action themselves directly on the ground, they are just not prepared to do anything substantial! The Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan was given unilaterally to them in 1996 even though they kept sending terrorists to India most actively since 1989 onwards and forced lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits and all those Muslim families who helped them to leave Kashmir and live like a refugee in their own country!
                                          Dr BR Ambedkar never favoured special status for Jammu and Kashmir which Jawaharlal Nehru did which was his worst blunder but what is more tragic is that no PM till now has ever dared to set right that historical blunder. Article 370 was not there in original Constitution but inserted later after Ambedkar’s death! Why is it there still in Constitution?
                                When we treat Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India then why have we not fully and finally merged it with India? Why as former CJI JS Khehar rightly pointed has separate flag, separate Constitution and separate laws when we treat as an integral part of India? This open sham must end now once and for all if we are really serious in treating as Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India!
                                      Coming back to the main issue, Kulbhushan Jadhav who was wrongly kidnapped from Iran border by Taliban and later sold to Pakistan’s ISI was termed a terrorist and when his mother and wife were keen to meet him, they were made to wait for nearly two years and then humiliated in the most shameful manner! Which self-respecting country will tolerate this quietly? Why India keeps taking things lying down? Why Pakistanis are given a VVIP treatment in India and allowed to dine and enjoy with whomever they like? Is this really fair? Yet shamelessly our politicians allow this to happen most brazenly right under our very nose!
                                         It is not Sanjeev Sirohi but Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar who disclosed to media after Kulbhushan Jadhav and his wife and mother – Chetna and Avanti returned to India along with Indian diplomat JP Singh who had accompanied them to meet Jadhav that, “Under the pretext of security precautions, the cultural and religious sensibilities of family members were disregarded. This included removal of mangalsutra, bangles and bindi, as well as a change in attire that was not warranted by security. For some inexplicable reason, despite her repeated requests, Chetana’s shoes were not returned to her after the meeting. We would caution against any mischievous intent in this regard.”
                                           What a national disgrace! If this thing were to happen with PM Modi’s family members or with even some Minister’s family members, would they still have given such muted response? Why do we tolerate so much everything quietly? Why can’t we pay back Pakistan in the same coin? This is the main reason why we are repeatedly subject to such insult time and again!
                                        Israel supports us but still we vote against them and reiterate our solidarity with Palestine! But see what Palestine does to us? Their leaders openly share platform with dreaded terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed who is leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba and reiterate their full support for Jammu and Kashmir’s integration with Pakistan at all cost and under all circumstances! Leaders like Farooq Abdullah don’t say a word when such shameful incidents happen but are quick to react otherwise at the drop of a hat and keep warning India against any measure to integrate them with India!
                                          Jadhav’s mother revealed that Jadhav kept on making tutored statement when she enquired him about the injuries. It was further revealed that Jadhav and his family were not allowed to speak in Marathi. Besides, the accompanying Indian diplomat Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh was initially separated from family members who were taken to the meeting without informing him. The Pakistani press was allowed to approach the family members closely, harass and hurl false accusations about Kulbhushan Jadhav. Kulbhushan and his mother were separated by a glass partition throughout the meeting.
                                      Indian leaders are squarely responsible for this! Why they lavishly throw dinners and parties for Pakistani leaders and invaders like General Musharraf who should not be allowed even an entry to India? Why they care a damn even when our soldiers are getting killed daily while fighting against their soldiers and terrorists trained and armed by their army and ISI?    
                                         At the very least, why can’t Centre revoke the unilateral MFN status conferred to them since 1996 thus disregarding the supreme sacrifices of our soldiers? Why can’t Centre declare Pakistan as a terror state instead of just demanding it once in a year in a UN platform or any other platform? Why can’t Centre expel all unnecessary Pakistani former diplomats fishing in troubled waters in India like Mehmood Kasuri?
                                          Why can’t Centre nuke all relations with Pakistan till they start behaving with us properly? Why can’t Centre revoke all benefits wrongly given to Pakistan under the Indus Water Treaty agreement signed with them in 1960? Why can’t Centre expel all Pakistani nationals from India like Kuwait did as they foment trouble and terror wherever they go?
                                             It is because politicians and not Pakistan are the real danger to India because they are ready to tolerate everything and compromise on everything! Justice Markandey Katju termed Pakistan and Bangladesh as fake countries who were created by Indian politicians. Jinnah himself said to a boy long time back “No my boy, you are an Indian first and then a Muslim!” The creation of Pakistan was an act of treachery and we are still suffering because of it! Even Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan who was a Pakhtoonistan leader said, “What is this Nehru? You have made me a foreigner in my own country? What sense does it make?”
                                       Seventy years down the lane nothing has changed. Still politicians keep appeasing separatists and keep appointing interlocutors to engage them even as they collude with Pakistan and regularly get funds from them to bleed India and cut it by a thousand wounds! What difference does it make to our politicians?
                                        What an unbeatable irony that those who are so senior politicians with exceptional academic background and even coming from royal families and served themselves in elite services hail Pakistan invader Gen Musharraf as “Musharraf Sahab” and terror leader like Hafiz Saeed as “Hafiz Sahab”! Are they peons and chaprasis of Musharraf and Hafiz or are they engaged as servants by them? If not then why do they indulge in so much of servility? Are they getting some pay from them? Then why so much of chamchagiri?
                                   Kulbhushan Jadhav is an ex servicemen and an officer who served in the Navy! Why India tolerates his insult so quietly? India must react very strongly and our politicians must start behaving themselves if India is to gain its pride and prestige in the international forum!
                                       But most shockingly politicians never learn anything even after facing repeated terror attacks from Pakistan and this alone explains why many feel that, “Fear politicians and not Pakistan! What is Pakistan? Nothing but a fake country created by politicians of India in collusion with England who formerly ruled over us!”
                                      Justice Markandey Katju went to the extent of calling politicians as “rogues and scoundrels”. It is high time and politicians must salvage their ever sinking reputation by really acting tough against Pakistan as Subramanium Swamy advocates but he is not listened to even in his own party that is BJP! The day our politicians start acting tough against Pakistan it dare not take us for granted! It will start to behave itself! But the moot question is: When will politicians make that day to come? It is all in their hands alone!
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkehra,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.