Choosing the right school for your child

Choosing the perfect school for your child is not an easy task. There is always a thought bothering you whether you should study in a private or public school. There could be endless reasons because of which you might be sending your child to a private school. But still the fact is that choosing that one perfect school for you child can become a daunting task.
Choosing the right school for your child

If you have already made up your mind to send your child to a private school, then there must
Begin with identifying your needs then surveying the private schools. Once you have narrowed down the school you need to visit them personally and take a few things in consideration like:
Practical requirements
·         Find a place close to your workplace, the other thing that you need to do is look for the desired element that you need to find the perfect private school.
·         Travelling facilities provided by the school
·         If your child has any emotional, physical, linguistic or learning needs that you need to pay attention to
·         How much does the school cost and the budget of the private school?
Desired Requirements
·         Is preparing for school a priority?
·         Are modern school facilities important to you?
·         Is your child looking for a small school environment or a large school with s large strength?
·         How will the school authorities communicate with the parents when in need?
·         Some parents desire to send their child to a catholic school that instills and imparts faith based catholic values to their children which will be considered as a desired requirement. Monsignor Slade Catholic School in is a co-educational religious institution that fosters Christian values in the children. Therefore, majority of parents who will seek to admit their child in this particular school or any other catholic school would do so because of their specific desire to send their child to a catholic school. So, choices could be desire based.
Extracurricular requirements for your private school
After when you have completely analyzed the practical requirements and it fits your requirements then it is time to dress the cake with icing. Extracurricular activities are very crucial for your child and that can lead to the overall development of the child. Therefore, you need to check if the school is giving the child a push to participate in the extracurricular activities or not.
·         Before getting admission for your child see are their any sports facilities available in the college and if yes which all are?
·         What are the clubs that your child needs to attend?
·         Check what are the music and art programs are important to you?
Survey Schools
Don’t just take admission in the first school that you visit. Make sure that you shortlist so many schools that after that you can choose the best one out. Make sure that you collect all the numbers and facts of each school on the list:
·         Read the philosophy of the school, ask about the school’s program and the different approaches of teaching.
·         See if all the services that are available at the school such as on-site nurse, counsellors, secretary, librarian.
·         Check the school’s structure. Does it follow a year-round school or follows a traditional school calendar?
·         What is the qualification and background of the teacher?
·         Examine the policy of the school discipline to check if the rules are fair.
·         Find the school curriculum and look for the grading and the homework policies
·         Check for the school’s policy for students on carrying knives, guns, hazardous items etc.
·         Is the school accredited and if yes then how?
Check for the school policies regarding the students
·         What is the basis for grading the students?
·         What is the class size in the school? Class size matters a lot and especially in the primary grades.
·         Is the library well equipped?
·         The teaching methodology and if the teachers are working in groups or do they work in groups?
·         How does the school monitor the students and the academic standards?
·         What does the school do to support the students with the academics, emotional and social difficulties?
·         School’s policy for English speaking children.
The achievements of the school
According to a website Pen2Print– The accomplishments of a school explain how far it has gone and what are its future plans to go further. Therefore, you must always conduct a thorough research on the accomplishments of the school. After all it is about your child’s future.

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