Indian Education System Needs Reformation

Introduction –

Education is an essential to humans and one cannot imagine a
life without it. Human civilization has expanded due Education. It is education
that has given birth to culture, ethos, art and a social values in which human
prevails. Learning is elementary to education and a skill that allows a person
to improve his personality.  Apart from
being a basic necessity, a good education skill can overcome many personal and
professional barriers. Learning being central and basic to education and lack
of education can create disturbance in society. Education and learning and its
development are important for a person who desires to exchange information
meaningfully to the person and places required. 
We as a human being started developing knowledge as a proper source to
learn something as it also helped in self-control and to develop a character
for better development as an individual as well as the society. We as an individual
made ourselves to learn about many different things about social, awareness,
grooming personality and foremost are the preservation of culture for the
coming generation. However, with changing time education has become integral
part of human.  Especially in many developed
and developing countries it is now termed as a basic human right.

Education in modern India

Macaulay was the man behind the start of education in India
(as per internet suggestion) introduced education in India, especially through
his famous minute of February 1835. He called for an educational system that
would create a class of Anglicized Indians who would serve as cultural
intermediaries between the British and the Indians.

Current education system in India

Education is always an integral part of life students’ life.
Despite being a nest to many education universities, colleges and varsity,
India still lacks the quality education it needs to have. According to a survey
India will be ranking 3rd among all countries by 2020 in education. Though if
the quality of overall ranking of relevant institutions is seen clearly, out of
500 there were 2 Indian Universities and varsities were featured in the list
along with one institution from China as per a survey by education group done
in year 2000. Education system in India including other developing countries
like India needs substantial expansion. The percentage of students taking
higher education is hardly about 13 % whereas the same is varying between 28 to
90 %, across the world. The lowest % being 28 % and the same is as high as 90 %
in developed countries (As per a news report)

Why India lacks

Over Population: Too many people and limited seats makes student worried
of career.  Concerned over future and
aspiration to get ion a good college is the main reason of brain drain.  
Course choice: mainstream subjects like math science are being taught by
world class teachers but good institute for off-bit courses like music and
painting is tough to find.
 Lack of quality higher education
in India

The benefits of an education abroad

abroad has always been associated with improving the chances for a
distinguished career prospects. Indians willing to study abroad has seen a
sheer increase in the past few years According to recent estimates by RBI
(reserve bank of India) latest figures in its monthly bulletin, outlays on
education and maintenance of close relatives grew 88% to $334 million and 21%
to $300 million, respectively.

Few reforms need to be done.

Career oriented learning program: There is need
to have courses that could guarantee job placement.
Job opportunities –the basic need of a student is to have a secure future
that can only be achieved by acquiring a good position in their dream
Research based courses is another need to provide quality education.
Focus on recruiting, training and supporting teachers.