Digitisation of Anganwadi Centres

ICDS Scheme has an in-built monitoring system since its inception to
track the physical progress of the scheme in respect of various input
process, output and impact indicators through a standardized Management
Information System (MIS) through regular reports on monthly, quarterly
and half yearly basis. To strengthen the monitoring of Anganwadi
Services Scheme revised MIS known as ICDS-Rapid Reporting System (RRS)
has also been introduced for capturing the data of AWCs online. Under
the ICDS-RRS each Anganwadi Centre is assigned a 11digit unique code and
login password is allotted at the supervisor level to submit the
monthly progress report. As on 31st March 2019, out of
13,72,872 operational AWCs 13,61,714 AWCs have been assigned the 11digit
unique code. The State-wise detail is given at Annexure-I.   Assigning the 11 digit unique code to the remaining AWCs is already on.
In addition, the digitization of physical registers has been taken up with roll-out of ICDS-CAS Software Application under POSHAN Abhiyaan
Mission of Ministry of Women and Child Development.  The ICDS-CAS
mobile based software enables the identification of underweight children
based on auto-plotting of Growth Charts. The drill-down dashboard
available at National, State, District, Block level contributes towards
identifying and addressing the problem of nutrition. Thus, improve
overall service delivery. As on 30th June, 2019 more than
3,55,000 Anganwadi Workers are using ICDS-CAS Application across 21
States/UTs. The State-wise details are at Annexure -II.
POSHAN Abhiyaan Smart Phones are provided to Supervisors and Anganwadi
workers to provide online data. The mechanism to implement the project
in State/UTs include regular review through Video Conferencing, meetings
and visits by officers to the States/UTs. The timeline to implement the
activities under POSHAN Abhiyaan is March 2020 for all State/UTs.
child beneficiaries under the Anganwadi Services Scheme are provided
Supplementary Nutrition as per the guidelines. Monthly Village Health
and Sanitation Day and Community Based Events are organised by
States/UTs to improve status of nutrition of children. Pre-school
Education is another service provided under the Anganwadi Services
scheme.This covers non-formal education to the children in the age group
of 3-6 years.  State/UTs are provided with the funds for Pre-School
Education Kits for each Anganwadi Centre at Rs. 5,000/- per annum.
Training is imparted to Anganwadi Workers so that they can improve the
literacy and numeracy skills of children of their respective AWC.