Missing Children and Child Labourers

per information provided by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), total
number of missing children in the country, State/UT-wise including
Rajasthan during 2014-2016 is at Annexure-I. The Ministry of Women and Child Development does not maintain figures of child labourers in the country. 

per Section 109 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of
Children) Act, 2015 (JJ Act), the National Commission for Protection of
Child Rights (NCPCR) has been mandated to monitor the implementation of
the provisions of the JJ Act. As reported by NCPCR, complaints regarding
children running away from Child Care Institutions (CCIs),
State/UT-wise details during the last two years and the current year
2019-20 (till 30th June, 2019) are at Annexure-II.
primary responsibility of execution of the JJ Act lies with the State
Governments. However, the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of
Children) Model Rules, 2016 framed under JJ Act by the Central
Government, for the benefit and use by the State Government, to carry
out the purpose of the JJ Act. Under Rule 66(1) Model Rules, any
dereliction of duty, violation of rules and order shall be viewed
seriously and strict disciplinary action shall be taken or recommended
by the person-in-charge against the erring officials. Under Rule 54(6)
of Model Rules, where an FIR is registered against a person working with
a Child Care Institution for any offense under the Act and the rules,
such a person shall be debarred from working directly with the children
during the pendency of the criminal case. The JJ Act also provides for
stringent provisions for offences against the child. The proviso to
Section 75 of the JJ Act says that if such offence is committed by any
person employed by or managing an organisation, which is entrusted with
the care and protection of the child, he shall be punished with rigorous
imprisonment which may extend up to five years, and fine which may
extend up to five lakhs rupees. However, as reported by NCPCR,
complaints pertaining to harassment of such children by the officials of
CCIs during the last two years and the current year 2019-20 (till 30th June, 2019) are at Annexure-III. 
of Observation homes, Special homes and Observation cum Special homes
in the country during the last two years, State/ UT-wise including
Rajasthan being supported under Child Protection Services (CPS) is at Annexure-IV.