Improving Milking Capacity of Cows

order to complement and supplement the efforts made by the States and
Union Territories for enhancing milk production and productivity of
bovines Government has been implementing following schemes:


Rashtriya Gokul Mission has been implemented throughout the country
including Uttar Pradesh for development and conservation of bovine
population thereby enhancing their production and productivity.
National Dairy Plan-I has been implemented in 18 major dairy states
including Uttar Pradesh for enhancing milk production and productivity
of dairy animals in order to meet demand of the milk in the country.
Breed Improvement Institutes comprises of seven Central Cattle Breeding
Farms, four Central Registration Units and Central Frozen Semen
Production and Training Institutes. These institutes are playing crucial
role in supply of breeding inputs in the form of High Genetic merit
bulls for Artificial Insemination and semen doses of bulls with high
genetic potential in all the States including Uttar Pradesh.
animals with intact reproductive efficiency can be used as recipient
(surrogate mothers) under Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT) and IVF.   In
Uttar Pradesh projects for establishment of two ETT labs with IVF
facility have been sanctioned.
information was given in a written reply by the Minister of State for
Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Shri Sanjeev Balyan in Rajya
Sabha today.