‘Listening, Learning and Leading’ book chronicling Vice President`s two years in office released by Union Minister for Home Affairs

Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu has said that abrogation of
Article 370 is in the interest of the Nation. Speaking at a function, to
release a book titled “Listening, Learning and Leading” chronicling his
two years in office as Vice President, Shri. Naidu said abrogation of
Article 370 should not be considered as a political issue but a bold
move taken in the interest of security of the nation and the future of
people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Stating that people must always learn from history and move forward,
the Vice President said it is at this juncture that we should stand by
the people of Kashmir and restore normalcy.
     The Book “Listening, Learning and Leading” was released by Union
Minister of Home Affairs Shri Amit Shah. Vice President Shri Venkaiah
Naidu received the first copy.   The event was hosted by Ministry of
Information and Broadcasting. 
Recalling the Government’s move in bringing the bill for abrogation
of the article in the Rajya Sabha, Vice President  said  after views of
the cross section of the polity in the Upper house was heard, the bill
after proper vetting was passed by the house with a two third’s
   Reminiscing his days as a student leader from a humble farmer’s
family, he said commitment, dedication, sincerity to a cause in which he
believed had helped him achieve great heights both in the BJP and in
the Government.  He praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his mantra
on Reform Perform and Transform which brought about a massive change in
the mindset of the people on development and had put India in  a
pedestal receiving global attention.
   Urging Parliamentarians to refrain from dysfunctional behavior and
stop acrimony and emotional outbursts which disrupted the effective
functioning of the esteemed Upper House, Vice President called on
legislators to realize the dreams of the Constitution makers.
     Appealing to the Government to bridge the gap between policy
intent and implementation, he said there is serious introspection that
is needed to improve the quality of service delivery, to benefit the
people at large. Result based management system should become the norm,
he said.
      Listing a series of measures needed to reform the Judicial
system, the Vice President said that justice dispensing structures must
be accessible, credible, equitable and transparently even- handed . He
urged the government to take steps to set up a Bench of the Supreme
Court in Chennai, besides in the East and the West.
    Referring to the shortfalls in the anti-defection law, he said
the law was not implemented in letter and spirit .  He said because of
the  inaction of the Speaker or Chairman, the defecting legislators
continue in the new party, which is a kind of travesty of justice, which
should not be tolerated.
     Union Minister for Home Affairs Shri.Amit Shah  in his address
said he strongly believes that Article 370 would bring terrorism to an
end and will take Kashmir forward in the path of development. Stating
that Article 370 should have been abrogated a long time ago, Shri. Amit
Shah said he had no confusion in his mind that it scrapping of Article
370 was in the interest of the people of Kashmir.
He said Vice President and Chairman of Upper House, acumen led to
abrogation of Article 370  after taking into consideration the views of
all parties.  The Home Minister recalled Shri.  Venkaiah Naidu’s days as
a student leader, who had led an agitation against Article 370, and it
was sheer coincidence that he presided over the Rajya Sabha when the
Article 370 was abrogated.
     Paying accolades to the self less service of Vice President to
the Nation, he said Mr Venkaiah Naidu worked his heart out to turn his
vision for urban and rural development into reality.
     Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting and
 Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar said
Vice President personal rapport with Parliamentarians was above party
affiliations,   ensuring functioning of the Upper House smoothly,
resulting in passage of record number of bills in the last session.
 Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s popular alliteration and witty remarks,
created a cordial atmosphere in the Rajya Sabha, where the opposition
has its say, even as the Government had its way, in clearing legislative
      Tamil Nadu Governor Shri. Banwarilal Purohit, Chief Minister
Edappadi Palaniswamy, Deputy Chief Minister O.Paneerselvam and host of
dignitaries from various walks of life participated in the function.
   Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting Secretary Shri Amit Khare proposed the vote of thanks.
As part of the book release, Regional Outreach Bureau, Chennai
organized a photo exhibition highlighting the journey of the Vice
President from a student leader. Shri.  Venkaiah Naidu’s interaction
with cross section of society, meeting with world leaders and visits to
Universities, Research institutions were also pictured.