Device that make you wise (part-1)

Mobile Phone

There are many discoveries in the world that has  made our life super easy and comfortable. We have come a long
way in technological advancement with time that has affected our life and has
changed it in many ways.  World has become
a global village where many things seems to be just a click away. Life has
become more convenient and easy with it and undoubtedly one of the major being
invention of mobile phone.  

Anytime-any place, is
what defines a cell phone as it is one of the portable and fast medium of
communication. Or in other words it can be said as, one of the major invention
that has become the lifeline of the masses. It has brought communication
revolution around the world and changed the way people connect to each other. 
Earlier people had to
wait to send and receive a message where was a chance of losing the cognitive
and emotional connect, which has now reduced to zero with the invention of
mobile phone.
  Apart from enhancing
social connection, mobile phones are widely used in industry work that saves
time and money as well.  
Previously it was just
a device used to receive and send a message but with the evolution of internet
it has become a multitasking device used for various purposes making it more
impact in both good and bad sense.

Be it information,
entertainment, education, mobile phones have now become a portable computer
that can perform many task in one go. It is best device to boost up knowledge
on any particular topic be it a subject-related or any issues and happening
around the world. Nothing can be a better choice for social gathering than mobile
phone these days as its makes people more approachable amid friends and
relatives. It’s a best device to socialize anytime soon. Life seems little less
complex with the invention of mobile phone.

But as the coins have
the other side- mobile phone too has its demerits. Easy access on internet has
also made it a device for isolation. Teenagers and adults can be witnessed
frequently messaging gaming,posting updates, clicking pictures, or watching videos. According to a survey on the most popular smart phone activities in India in 2017 almost 50% of the respondent accessed social media via mobileIndia recorded the world’s highest number of
selfie death, accounting more than any other countries in the world. high use of mobile phone is leading to many health issues. people who tend to use mobile phone on bed seem to have interrupted sleep and health disorder. Children are becoming more dependent on search engine rather than being creative. It is affecting their creative skill making them dependent on internet. Mobile phone has its impact on people life style and living as people are becoming more fake and cunning.
 Like any other technology,mobile phones too can be choice to lead a good life but as said excess of everything is bad. It can also lead to destruction of personal and social relation, so ot is important to use it wisely.