Vice President of India presents ‘National Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2019′ on the occasion of National Press Day

On the occasion of National Press Day, the Vice President 0of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naiduawarded the winners of ‘National Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2019′ at New Delhi today. The journalists in different areas werehonoured for their outstanding and exemplary work in journalism at an event organized by Press Council of India.
Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President highlighted the significance and the role of media. He emphasized that ever since the launch of the first newspaper in India-‘The Bengal Gazette’ by James Augustus Hickey in 1780, the press has been playing an outstanding role in empowering the people.
In his address, the Vice President said “The cardinal principle of journalism is to present fair, objective, accurate and balanced information to the reader and viewer without journalists assuming the role of the gatekeepers”.
Shri Naidu also spoke of the evils of fake news and urged media to always maintain objectivity, fairness and accuracy, “ With the electronic and social media providing news by the minute with alerts and flashes on smart phones, journalists will have to exercise greater caution and guard against ‘fake news’, disinformation and misinformation”.
the Norms of Journalistic Conduct Edition -2019
Addressing the gathering, Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting, ShriPrakashJavadekaraddressed the key issues that the media fraternity faced, “Today there is a crisis of fake news more than paid news. Fake news has a higher TRP and this is not good for the society and the country. Media must understand the important responsibility they have to shoulder and cater towards delivering the right news to the end-users”, stated ShriJavadekar.
The recipients of today’s prestigious awards are:
  1. , eminent Journalist and chairman of Rajasthan Patrika Private Limited,has been selected under the prestigious category of “Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award” for his outstanding contribution towards Journalism and will be venerated with citation.
  2. Mr.SanjaySaini, Correspondent Dainikbhaskar,Mandi,Himachal Pradesh and Mr.RajChengappa, Group Editorial Director (Publishing),India Today,Noida ,Uttar Pradesh,have been jointly designated the  award in the category of “Rural Jounalism” for their respective articles captionedभारतजापानकीयारी ,मंडीजिलामेंकिसानोंकेखेतोमेंलिखरहीहैविकासकीनईकहानी and “The New Bharat;Hope and grand ambition course through the great Indian hinterland even amid  the enveloping gloom of rural  distress”.
  3.  from 15.7.2018 to 22.8.2018 and “ArogyaKeralum learning Not (about the Nipah outbreak in Kerala)” from 2.6.2018 to 6.6 2018 respectively.
  4. Under the category of“Photo Journalism- Single News Picture”,ShriP.G.Unnikrishnan, Senior Photographer The Mathrubhumi,New Delhi, for the  photo published with caption “Hon’able Prime Minister NarendraModi and his Canadian Counterpart Justin Tradeau At RashtrapatiBhawan during ceremonial reception to the latter. Hon’able prime Minister NarendraModi fondly touches younger son of Justin Tradeau.”and  Mr.Akhil E.S,News  photographer, Mathrubhumi,NationalDaily,Malayalam for photograph published with caption “They had no aversion  to splashing of mud  On their cloths and they enjoy this spot as anything else mud football”,have been Jointly awarded.
  5. Ms.Sipra Das,Consulting Editor(photography),India Empire Magazine and Parliamentarian Magazine,Delhi has been selected  in the category of  “Photo Journalism-Photo Feature” for  The published photographic illustration under the caption “Shail’s  Journey  with AIDS”.
  6. Mr SaurabhDuggal, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh has been selected in the “Sports Reporting” for the article published under caption “Rugby gives wings of tribal girls from impoverished Bengal Village”.
  7. Ms Ruby Sarkar, Special Correspondent, Deshbandhu, Bhopal and Ms.AnuradhaMascarenhas, Senior Edito, The Indian Express, Pune have been jointly awaded in the newly introduced award category of ‘Gender Based Reporting’ for their respective articles under captioned मिथिलाकीहिम्मतसेआत्मनिर्भरहुआसरीखेरागांव” and Locals atAraku valley help reach out to tribal women, ensure zero maternal deaths in last two year”.
  8. Mr KrishnKaushik, and ShriSandeep Singh, Working with The Indian Express have been selected in the newly introduced award category of ‘Financial Reporting’ for their joint series of articles on “ICICI: CEOChandaKochhar; Videocon get rupees 3250 Cr. Loan from ICICI Bank CEO’s husband gets sweet deal from Venugopaldhoot; ChandaKochers’ Brother in law advised ICICI Borrowers on their Foreign loans”.
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