Thus spake Gates

Regular leaders of the blog know that this blogger is an unabashed admirer of Bill & Melinda Gates. He is of the opinion that they must be sainted – for they have have done more good in the world than many, if not most, religious leaders.
They publish an annual letter which is like a “State of the Union address” in their field. This time they have answered in their letter, the ten toughest questions they get. And yes, Donald Trump is one of them, but if you expect an incendiary answer, well, you don’t know the Gates.
I consider their Annual Letter as required reading for any human being with a heart. Here is this year’s letter.
Its a bit different as it addresses questions, some of which are not developmental in nature – like Trump, or what do they do when they disagree. But it is , as always, an interesting and often motivating read.
May I exhort you to read this one, and then every one of their previous 10 letters. It is a far more productive use of your time, than reading you know what !

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