PM says Jal-Shakti Campaign is taking rapid, successful strides with the aid of public participation

 In Mann Ki Baat today Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said Jal Shakti Campaign is taking rapid, successful strides with the aid of public participation. He shared few extensive & innovative water conservation efforts under way, in every corner of the country.

Mentioning about Jalore district in Rajasthan He said, “There, two historical step wells had turned into storehouses of garbage & dirty water. But one fine day, hundreds of people from Bhadraayun & Thanawala Panchayats took a resolve to rejuvenate them, under the Jal Shakti Campaign. Much before the rains, people immersed themselves in the task of cleaning out the accumulated filthy water, garbage and morass. For this campaign, some donated money; others their labour & sweat. As a result, these step wells have turned into their lifelines now”.

Similarly Saraahi Lake in Barabanki Uttar Pradesh, was brought to life by the collective efforts of Villagers. Another example of Public participation is Village Suniyakot along the Almora-Haldwani Highway in Uttarakhand.  Here villagers took it upon themselves to ensure that water reached their village. People raised money, donated labour. A pipe was laid upto the village and a pumping station was set up. Thus decade old problem of water crisis was solved.

Prime Minister urged everyone to share their stories of such endeavours of water conservation and water harvesting by using #Jalshakti4India.

Jal Shakti Abhiyan – a campaign for water conservation and water security commenced last monsoon in July, 2019.  The campaign focussed on water stressed districts and blocks.


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