When it’s time to ask for a raise

Asking for a raise certainly falls into the category of things outside the comfort zone: it may be weird, difficult, and intimidating. Addressing a boss for a salary inquiry has always been one of the things that employees fear because, simply saying, some bosses may face it with a negative attitude or perceive in a wrong way. However, in many cases, going outside the comfort zone is a good thing because it provides new opportunities and allows to avoid wasting time. Are you ready to step out?
You may think “what will possibly happen if I do not ask for a raise this time and wait for another opportunity?” Well, most people who think that way postpone asking for weeks and even months and eventually abandon this idea. As the result, they lose the chance to get compensated for their good performance that may be very important for the overall success of the organization. That’s not the way to build a successful career, agree?
In contrast, people who step out of the comfort zone and ask for a raise do the right thing and succeed. It’s not done that easy: to avoid feeling awkward when the boss decides to ask why he or she should do it, there are some answers that need to be prepared. The infographic from the team of Aussiewriter has a series of smart questions with answers you can select to make the decision whether to ask for a raise today, next week, or later.
It will ask you the questions that will show your worth as an asset to your organization and justify the decision to ask or not to ask. Just start at the bottom and work your way through to the three outcomes: “Stay Cool,” “Take it, it’ all yours!” and “Top yourself!” By using the information provided by this infographic, your voyage beyond the comfort zone may not be so intimidating.

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