The Best Employee Benefits and Perks

If you are an employer who is looking to attract the best talent, you need to be willing to offer a variety of benefits and perks. If you are not willing to do this, that talent is likely going to work for other employers who do. It is a well-known fact that the companies that offer the best employee benefits and perks tend to have the happiest and most productive employees. This is because those employees actually feel appreciated by their employers, and this encourages them to work to the best of their capabilities. Let’s take a look at some of the best employee benefits and perks you can offer. 
  • Personal Time – Some companies offer unlimited personal time for their employees. There are always going to be emergencies that pop up from time to time, and they are going to need time to deal with these emergencies. Sometimes, they just need some time off to avoid burning themselves out. Personal time doesn’t need to be paid time off, but it is nice for employees to know that they can take time off without getting into any trouble for it.
  • Profit Sharing – One way that you can show your employees how much you appreciate them is to offer profit sharing. This can be in the form of a quarterly bonus, a year-end bonus, etc. When employees are directly sharing in the profits, it gives them more of an incentive to work even harder, because they know that the harder the work, the better the profits are going to be in the long run. You will start seeing even greater profits when you give your employees a cut.
  • Health Checks – On top of regular medical benefits, you may also want to consider offering health checks, including regular eye examinations and vision tests, hearing tests, etc. “The health of your employees is important, and the more you can do to help them stay in good health, the better off they are going to be, and the better off your company will be because your employees are healthy and happy. These services can be offered right at the workplace, so employees don’t have to go anywhere,” says Saba Khodadadian.
  • Gym Memberships – There are many reasons to offer gym memberships to your employees. For one thing, it is a freebie that they will really appreciate. Also, it is going to help to keep your employees healthy and in good physical condition, which is going to show in their performance on the job. Encourage the use of gym memberships, as well as employees working out together in order to create better bonds with each other.
  • Encourage Volunteering – Not only should volunteer work be encouraged, it should also be rewarded. If you have employees who volunteer, or you would like your employees to do more volunteer work, a good way to encourage it is to offer them paid time off for their volunteer work. Some employers also offer a cash bonus that employees can use to donate to the charities of their choice, or the employers will make donations on behalf of their employees.
  • Intern Housing – If you take on college students as interns, you might want to consider offering them free housing. Since internships are unpaid positions, your interns may not have a lot of money, and may not be able to easily afford accommodations, especially if they have to go out of town to work with you. They will really appreciate it when you are able to offer them a place to live during the internship, free of charge, and then they can concentrate on the job at hand, and not worry about how they are going to live.

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