B.Ed. I year – Home language Vs. School language

Home language Vs School language
Home Language V/s School Language
The Language used at home is different from that of school or such official institutions with its most colloquial smell The language used at school is highly standard or teacher centred one where students home language gets no regard
And the school is a place where students from diversified culture and social backgrounds get together who use different dialects and idiolects at home.
And the Teachers often use the highly standard or lofty language inside the classroom which always make the students struggle.
How Does Affect FL or SL Learning Important: Though an FL or SL is to be taught by using the target language itself, explaining the usage of some grammatical items by exemplifying the situations in the mother tongue of the student is inevitable. Eg. Usage of ‘has’ , ‘have’ and ‘had’. 
So What Should be Done by a Teacher to Tackle Such a Situation ?
1.Using Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
The teacher should accept a pedagogy which gives due regard to the culture and dialects of different students from different social and cultural back grounds.
2.Getting basic words of different dialects used by the different students
The teacher should work hard for learning the most commonly used words and usages of different dialects used by different students of his classroom.
3. Visiting the homes of students
The teacher should find time for visiting the homes of different students so that to get the cultural backgrounds and rituals of different students
4. Reading books on Local Idioms
The teacher should not show any hesitation to get such books and to read them so that he can make his class more live and dynamic.
5. Giving Opportunity for Speaking
The teacher should give opportunity to different students from different cultural backgrounds without showing partiality.
5. No Insulting on Dialects
The teacher should never ridicule any student on the basis of his usage of colloquial words or pronunciation.

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