Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment

As a recent grad, you have probably held jobs before, but nothing that you planned on doing permanently. Now, you are out there looking for a career, and you hope to settle into one workplace. Once you find that job, you need to take steps to create a healthy workplace environment that you are going to want to be in on a daily basis for the next several years, or even longer. Even if there aren’t a lot of practices in place at the workplace, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your own workspace a healthy environment. Today we are going to discuss some of the things you can do in order to create a healthy workplace environment.

1. Get some Plants

Not only do plants make an office look more cheerful, they are very beneficial to your health. For starters, plants help to provide oxygen, and they keep the air clean. This is going to help you to avoid catching a lot of viruses. Also, having plants around can improve your overall mood, which is going to help you to be more energetic and productive. They also add color to what could be an otherwise plain and boring office. This is a great way to inject a bit of your own personality into your workspace. Encourage others in the office to bring in some plants as well for a healthier working environment.

2. Use Color

If you are allowed to decorate your office space, make sure that you bring in a lot of color. This doesn’t mean that you have to make your space look garish. But, there are certain colors that can affect your moods, and make you more productive. For instance, oranges and reds can help to increase your energy levels. Pale blue helps people to be focused and more productive. Brown evokes feelings of tranquility and peace. The more you know about how colors affect your moods, the better able you will be to plan the ideal color scheme for your workspace.

3. Minimize the Spread of Germs

Obviously, you can’t make everyone wash their hands all the time, but there are steps that you can take to help minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in your workplace. “Make sure that you wash your hands frequently, and that you use a hand sanitizer after touching items that many other people touch. Clean your desk regularly, and wipe down your computer, telephone handset, etc. to get rid of germs and prevent the spread of various illnesses, including viruses and stomach bacteria,” suggests Dr. Shawn Khodadadian from Manhattan Gastroenterology.

4. Eat Healthy

One way to avoid getting sick is to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. This is going to help keep you healthy, and you won’t be as susceptible to germs and viruses because you will have a stronger immune system. Instead of eating at the cafeteria or a take-out, make your own healthy lunches and bring them to work with you. Don’t forget to bring healthy snacks, and make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day so you stay well hydrated. Don’t skip meals, eat lunch, and enjoy healthy, protein-rich snacks during the day to keep your energy levels up.

5. Exercise

If you have an office job, it is all too easy to end up sitting at your desk all day and getting no exercise at all. In order to stay healthy, you need to move around. Take short stretching breaks several times each day. Walk or cycle to work instead of driving or taking the bus. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Take an exercise class during your lunch break. There are plenty of ways that you can stay active, even when you have a desk job. See if you can get your coworkers to start taking walks on breaks with you, and everyone in the office will be a lot healthier and happier.

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