Career Fairs can be a helpful strategy for looking for internships or jobs. Here’s why you want to consider attending:
** Good way to learn about companies—Think of the career fair as a great way to explore and learn more about companies that will be a fit for you and that you may not have previously heard about.
**Puzzled about what you want to do? —By talking to employers you will get ideas about the type of companies that interest you. For example, if you have thought about working for a non-profit, but are unsure if this is right for you, introduce yourself to a non-profit employer and ask what they like about their work.
**Opportunity to talk with employers—Career fairs are a good way to get more comfortable speaking with employers so that you will be more confident and assured when you get an interview.
 **Give your resume to a person—Tired of submitting your resume online and not getting a response? A career fair is a chance to hand your resume to an employer and ask questions.
**For more ideas attend Prepare for the Fair: Career Fair Prep Workshop, Feb 20 1- 3pm– Anderson Academic Commons 290 and 340, The Hub, Leo Block Alumni House Drop-in on your way to the fair at any of the locations to practice your “elevator pitch” and get additional tips from professionals on how to get the most out of your career fair experience.

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