The Ideation Challenge and YOU!

ideation challenge
Take advantage of an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience in your field while simultaneously working with incredible companies and employers. Apply for Arrow Electronics Ideation Challenge! This innovative experience will give you the opportunity to work in small teams with students from all majors across campus to collaborate together to imagine and design the next steps for the SAM Car’s technology and evolution.
The Ideation Challenge will take place April 29th from 11:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. By participating in the program, you will get to showcase your skills and capacities to executives from Arrow Electronics, DaVita, Southwest, AirMethods, Charles Schwab, Ball Corp, Gates, 9NEWS, TerumoBCT, HomeAdvisor and Denver Public Schools. The event will conclude with a networking reception from 4-6 p.m. In addition to submitting your findings from the challenge, your resume will also be included in a portfolio for Arrow Electronics.
Fifteen years ago, doctors told Sam Schmidt, a former Indy Racing League driver who crashed during a practice lap at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando and severely injured his spinal cord, that he would never move his arms or legs again; he was now a quadriplegic. Naturally, driving was no longer an option. In 2013, after years of Sam being a businessman and owner of his own motor sports company, Arrow Electronics’ engineers determined to make Sam’s dream of driving again come true.
Arrow engineers designed the Semi-Autonomous Motorcar; SAM. SAM is designed to restore independence, control, and a sense of accomplishment to qualified disabled drivers. The technology breaks down barriers and opens new physical and emotional horizons. Developing the infrared camera system was only the first step…
Why not take advantage of such an innovative, cool, and practical opportunity to work with students from all discipline areas while simultaneously network and work with employers and executives from these great companies?! The deadline to apply is April 15th.  Please follow to apply today!

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