My Way to Score the Job

My Way to Score the Job
Often the students are not worried about their future when they come to the university. They do not think about how easy will it be to find a job after graduation. One day it occurred to me: the incredible emotions and feelings engulfed me when I was on the path to adulthood.
I needed to find a job that would be appreciated and would be consistent with my knowledge and skills. And when I was faced with looking for a job it was not easy and even very difficult. Because finding a suitable job I had an interview. When I came to the firm I have seen dozens of people who have already had experience and looked beautiful and confident. It was a big problem for me as I had no experience and felt insecure and frightened. Subsequently, I’ve been waiting for calls from those companies, but never got it.
But it is up to this time. When I stumbled upon a few useful points that really helped me in solving my question. It all started with the fact that I started to follow each of them and abide by them.
  • I have correctly filled out my resume and most importantly written correctly the purpose of what I want to achieve in my work;
  • As experience is missing, I produced a great effect on the employer during the interview. The first impression was of huge validity to my employment;
  • I prepared the answers to all the questions of the employer during the interview. The employees of the company helped me to understand all the inquiries;
  • First and foremost, I came for the interview in advance.
  • During the interview, I asked the question to the employer and he gladly answered them. He saw my competence, and within days was invited to work. Consequently, thanks to this I got the desired job.

Useful tips for the interview preparation

We understand how it can be exciting to make ready for an interview. Here’s the first rule – don’t make something out of anything! Only thorough and detailed lead-up will help you pass it easily and successfully. So, where should you start?
Ask yourself a question and think carefully, is this actually the perfect job for which you want to improve yourself and work for a long time? Does this company inspire certainty in you? Has it a positive image? Do you have any friends who cooperated with the chosen company?
If all the answers are positive, then take the time to prepare.


  1. Be sure that before a live interview you have correctly understood all the responsibilities of your future job.
  2. Carefully read your resume, so that with any clarifying you can quickly provide the comprehensive reply.
  3. Ask the company HR what helpful resources or topics will lead you to the interview success; if they have frequently asked questions, how many stages conversation will have.
  4. Think carefully about the query “why did you decide to change jobs”. The response should be as simple and honest as possible. For instance, you want to increase the salary, and at the last place, this point could not be implemented.
  5. Prepare a list of questions you can ask the other party. You thus get a lively, constructive dialogue.


  1. Before a meeting, learn in detail the company activities, main business directions, current partners. You should analyze the financial situation and future growth by checking annual reports. Think how you can increase profits being on your job, make truly prepositions.
  2. View not only the official site but also all links to social networks. Most events, both recent and future, you can learn on company social profiles.
  3. If you see that one of your friends is connected with the company, surely ask him about the details.
  4. Go to the sites that offer work, look for reviews about your company.

Emotional mood

  1. If you are experiencing fear or excitement – so it is normal. Try think not about how exciting this is for you, but about how much benefit and profit you can bring to the company if you focus on your strengths and dialogue with your interlocutor.
  2. Try to talk the monologue to yourself in the mirror about the previous places of work, or about the reasons why you are coming to this position. Are you satisfied with all the facial expressions?
  3. Do not forget to smile and be a friendly person, because excessive seriousness may lead to incorrect opinion.


  1. Punctuality is your everything. This is the first criterion by which employers can determine your attitude to future work. So, try to plan your day in a way when you can come to interview on time. Also, figure out the possible options for delays. In critical situations, on which you can not affect, immediately report the reason for being late.
  2. In fact, you understand that you can be judged by your clothes. If the company doesn’t declare a strict dress code, dress casually, but not too vulgar.
  3. Any point from your resume you should reproduce as transparently as possible. If you have told that you speak three languages on the native level, you have to prove it easily.
  4. Your attitude to the past workplace will also show your approach to work. Do not respond unflatteringly about the prior boss, given that the current employer simply will not want to be in his place in a few months.
  5. Bring your resume and portfolio to an interview along with a copy. When you show the calculation of all the risks, you could definitely be remembered better than other candidates could.
Take a luck and be yourself!
About the author:
Dortha Bush is a junior HR with a beginning but splash background in out staffing and concurrently a writer of scientific works on psychological topics. At the age of 29, she wrote many practical guides, allowing the student to get to the desired job almost after the first interview.

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